Trying to identify the helping spirits I saw

Hi, I’ve done some journeying with drumming and specifically asked to meet all my helping spirits-the ones specifically bonded to me whom I will be working with throughout my lifetime. I got quite a few-way more than I expected- and they all seem pretty benevolent, but I’m trying to figure out if they correspond to any figures from real mythology- I would like to specifically identify the spirits I’ve met so I can learn more about how they are represented in the waking world-each one gave me a bunch of vague impressions and images, and memories of fictional works I’ve read or watched (I’m a big sci-fi and fantasy fan) that somehow are affiliated with them. Here is a list of the spirits who made themselves known to me when I put myself in trance and asked to be introduced to all my helping spirits:

  1. A wise king- a ruler both wise and just- I saw images of that famous stone statue of the Harappan priest-king but also an image of a fantasy book I recently read called “The Goblin Emperor”
  2. Some kind of siren or mermaid- connected to the faerie realms and to water elementals- the only words I got were “sister to dragons, mother of mermaids”- an image of the cover of the novel "Sirena "by Donna Jo Napoli
  3. A female spirit of love and desire- looked the main character in the movie “The Love Witch”-wearing all blood red- speaking of the wisdom of the body and intuition of the flesh- somehow related to succubi like Naamah-
  4. A spirit of rationality, logic, and the highest intellectual faculties- looked like an androgynous CGI head floating in a white room- one of my favorite patron deities is Athena but I don’t know if this is her.
  5. A creature that travels through space- a star dancer- that swims in the void of space and travels through the cosmos- an eternal traveler-like a giant manta ray made of some kind of dark matter
  6. A spirit of green abundance- green forests- rainforests, jungles, but also evergreen and undersea forests of coral and kelp-a spirit of growth and life that flourishes everywhere-even in the most unlikely places
  7. A kindly, smiling woman all in lemon-yellow- a spirit of joy- seeking happiness wherever you can find it- saying “What’s the point of life if you can’t be happy?”
  8. A woman in purple robes -some kind of high priestess or sorceress - mistress of magic and wisdom of the ancients
  9. A lightning elemental- a spirit that looked like a vaguely human figure made of blue-white crackling electricity-representing energies of various kinds that can be wielded or manipulated-an image I got was of that new book “The Power” by Naomi Alderman- indicating that it could teach how to use these energies for self-defense
  10. there is another spirit that seems to be making herself known more recently- a shapeshifting demoness- I was raised Hindu and this spirit may be a rakshasi, but a benevolent one- she is a shapeshifter- constantly evolving, constantly improving in body and mind- somewhat predatory and full of endless hunger, but also driven to improve and seek a better life

I will try more journeying later on to communicate with them more-but they usually just give me vague impressions and images and feelings that are hard to put into words. Are these spirits unique to me or do any of them correspond to actual mythical figures that I could read about and research?

Siren maybe she is naamah
All blood red lady, i think she is lilith
Lighting element spirit! It’s too common, zeus, thor, perun or maybe indra, because you are raised as hindu!
I think, he is indra! Indra and thor i think they are same they are just have different myth that have written by human! But i don’t know