Trying to Give my Servitor his own 'life'


If you’re female, there’s impregnation.

I’m gay, so I don’t have that.


Same here but spiritually I’ve given birth before (as cringy as it sounds) but my spiritual/etheric body is polymorphic so that could be why lol.


males can be pregnant inastral

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I am female but due to cancer in my past i can not have biological children nor can i afford to adopt. Yet all i ever wanted was tobe a mother


Astral impregnation is a thing!

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I am still working on astral projecting. Its not my strong suit. Spirit communication, divination and healing are what I am best at.

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I will commune with my incubus and see what we can do with this soul fragmentation thing.if anyone can recommend books or source materials for study on the subject, or even advice, I would be very grateful.

after he stops being a servitor, he/she becomes an egregori

I sadly don’t have any material on it myself, it was something I discovered with a group of friends as we discovered some of our own fragments.

No, an egregore is still a servitor. Giving it a soul makes it free from that and into an actual entity.

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May i ask if u know how to fragment ones soul like this?

Yes, I’ll dm you if that is okay.

Yes, thats fine. thankyou very much for all the help.

I got plenty material on it, send me private messages bro.

Im not sure how to send pm’s yet. But i can receive them. You can pm me if you want.

Letting yall know that the soul fragmentation ritual was a complete success!


That’s good to hear

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Can I pm you for details?

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Have you ever done it?

I have been fragmented at some point in my life prior to reincarnation, but I introduced a means of how to do it to her to help her situation.

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