Trying to get my Money house in Order

I am new to Magic for the most part. I spent over 30 years as a Christian theurgist, in the process swearing and covenanting to not work to have wealth unless said wealth was all handed over to the religious group; living in poverty, ( and all the rest of the bullshit) Rich People Bad somehow- Poor People Makes Jebuz smile so sweetly.

Well now that shit is dead cremated and ashes thrown I n the sewer. I have always played the lottery- but now working harder and hopefully smarter to win.

Also somewhat switched “Dieites” I Respect BUT not worship bow down to or prostrate myself to. I have had ENOUGH EXPERIANCES IN MY LIFE TO WELL KNOW THERE IS A LOT BIGGER AND MORE WONDERFUL NON MATERIAL WORLD. Actually for most of my former 30+ years I knew most of the “Evil baddy demons and devils” were actually well established Gods and Angels who had the misfortune of really well played bullshit bad press. And Secretly I always went out into thunder storms and prayed to my Spirit Guides and StormGods- feeling so Blessed and Greatful when nearly hit by Lightning. When I found Ball Hadad was the Rider in the Clouds; and actually a really wonderful Moral Reliable Upright Dependable Deity as opposed to the specious dubious and as horribly unreliable “Entity”(notice the demotion from diety status) Yhwh; putting answers into my life where huge questions reigned- like why would yhwh pull me out of death if I was so bad and he was so good. So any way, In order to get my Financial house in order I need to begin serious Financial Magick. My only real concept of it comes from Jason Miller aka Inominandum- and his book The Sorcerer’s Secrets; strategies in practical magick. He says to use BUNE for help, and though I have I can claim abit of an uptick in results, and I have no problem continuing -in fact in one reading I found, BUNE was discussed as a Female; which I very much appreciate do to the fact I find the outnumbering of Male ‘superior Entities’ to Female suspiciously dubious. I would prefer to have the ability to evoke as many Entities -Male and Female as possible as I tend to “Discuss with my Spirit Guide Council” basically all day.
So to begin with, what other Spirits Gods Angels Demons Entities would be appropriate as my “Spiritual Financial Board of Directors " as well as what I consider my “Joints Chiefs of Staff” who I could expect to go and perform behind the veil for me. IE push Lottery balls matching my picks into the winning column. understand also I have a running covenant since I do not expect anything for nothing- that I will build Temples and Spiritual Power Centers for various Entities in return for their help. The slave religiouns aka judeochristianmuslim have their buildings- it is High Time that the people begin to know in a big way their are far more and better options from which to choose.
So far I have BUNE; Baal Hadad; and recently Belial made a great Impression 2 weeks ago coming out of nowhere as the result of simply discussing in my head how I would include Him and mentally reciting His Name 3 times- wow! So like working with “people” with that 'work ethic”. but who else?
And after gathering the “who else’s”, what spell and ritual and evokational work would be a good framework from which to tailor to my situation? I begin this with somewhat of a handicap due to the fact my wife has no kidneys and I am her 24/7 nurse/dialysis tech/gofor dofor. and on top of that 2 years ago we rescued my twin daughters and their 3 and 5 children from a Mormon polygamist cult compound just outside Stockton Missouri. Our forces won again and ‘husband’ is in prison for 7 years (I wish more but 7 is not all that bad-even though there could be dozens of other charges) but I have my oldest daughter and her 5 living w/ us, so my ritual & privacy space is limited 2 the top of my 4 drawer file cabinet- at this point. < >