Trying to find a quick way to necromancy

I’m trying to find a way into necromancy that will accelerate the progress of a student. I know the death current can be tricky and difficult to handle, but any master of any art can train a student in a rapid pace. I’m really looking at necromancy as a weapon and for enlightenment, as well as other things. What are YOUR favorite books, video, people to learn from that has helped you attain not only power in this current but handling it too? List them here, I’d love a variety.

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The Book Liber Falxifer is not strictly about Necromancy, but about the Cult of Senor de la Muerte, Or Lord of Death, Very Interessting for those who Desire to get Familiar with the Death Current, Also of Course Evoking Nergal and Asking him to teach you Necromancy is a good Idea since he is the Mesopotamian Deity of Death and co-Ruler of the Underworld,

Also the Book : ‘‘The Necromantic Ritual Book’’ is a Good Book about the Death Current that focus more on the Angel Azrael and in Creating a Connection and a RelationShip with that Being so he can Lead you into that Current.

I dont think there is a ‘‘Quick way’’ to Necromancy, It take time, effort and Dedication as most Occult and Magickal Discipline,


" The Witches’ Book of the Dead" by Christian Day is also a good book to start. And, I agree with Mephistor, you shouldn’t hurry walking this Path.

Another good book that deals with death is Sabbattica: the Seas of Death and the Arcana of Deathbringer by Edgar Kerval.

You could start by working with a loved one whose passed on start visiting their grave and leaving flowers and trinkets. Also just sit and talk to them while your there. The more you do this you will start forming a link. I work with my 1st love who killed in a car crash. He helps me alot. Has been my guide numerous times. Watched out for me. And helped me find new spirits to work with. He talks to me through dreams alot. Alot of it is just getting out there and doing it. But id say start with a loved one or a friend first. Get the feel for it.

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No “quick” way with Necromancy if you want to go beyond evoking shades. Even then, you might be in for a rough ride.

If you pathwork the Qliphoth, you learn Necromancy in Gamaliel, which is fairly early. Though, ah… I will warn you. Suicide is a very distinct possibility within this Shell.


I’d advise you start off with some evocation and get to know a variety of deceased people. Get a feel for their aura and practice rituals with them.
Once you’ve got the hang of this, there are a lot of dead necromancers you could summon to teach you.

Evoke Bune. Don’t rush this. Or Hecate.


Kingdom of shadows from KOF

Kingdom of shadows from KOF.


**Necromicon Gnossis - A Practical Introduction by Asenath Mason **

will give a solid foundation for all the beginners. She explains every concept one by one and very clearly.

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:face_with_monocle: i don’t think i have seen a single example of where this has ever been the case.

Any art takes time, work and patience. Even spiritual work and knowledge gained from spiritual entites often times has to be “unpacked” in some fashion to make sense to anyone outside of the person who receives it.

Its like any other thing that takes effort you won’t become a master overnight. That would be like expecting to become a world class boxer and expect a coach to get you there in a few months when it takes a certain number of hours of drilling just to burn the basics into your muscle memory so it becomes a part of your nature.

Not to mention that no 2 practitioners will have the same speed of progress even with the same teacher.

Edit :rofl: just noticed how old the thread it but the statement still applies.

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A Book that is overlooked but that I’d HIGHLY, recommend adapting the techniques to necromancy is by a jungian analyst called « inner work » by Robert a. Johnson. Have the student go to the section on « active imagination » and replace the archetypes with deceased relatives , ancestors etc…

  1. Have him/her work directly with death by means of SANTA MUERTE. She is :skull: death.

  2. I work with the deified emperor of Japan Meiji. Many Shintō gods if Japan are the deified dead and they are the safest necromantic spirits you can find in my opinion…as long as you are respectful and you don’t try to constrain them.

  3. Have the student work with ancestors,

  4. To connect with death have him spend enough time walking in the cemetery until it’s comfortable.

  5. The goetia has a few great necromantic demons such as bune.