Trying to evoke fastos

What are the sigil and enn of fastos? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Thank you.

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You will find the seal in the book Kingdoms of Flame, though if you do a search on the forum, it’s probably been posted.

However, there is no enn, as enns come from the religion of demonolatry, and only those demons worshipped in that religion have them. As Fastos isn’t a demon, and not part of that religion, he doesn’t have one.


Above is the sigil along with the defintion of the spirit, in the kingdom of flames there’s a particular formula for how these spirits can be called forth, but then again you can use any preferred method of evocation.

As far as I’m aware he does not have enn, one is also not needed for calling him, a simple calling will suffice such as the following.

“Fastos i call and summon you forth,
Hear my voice, come from your domain,
The kingdom of the three wise men.
Fastos come, Fastos come,
Teacher of the demonic tongue, ally of demons
And demonic denizens, i give you license to appear
I give you power to manifest, i give you this call to
Come forth now, Fastos come, Fastos come”.

Also one could always vibrate the name of the spirit as a mantra it has a great effect on the enviroment almost like saturating the ritual area/temple in their spiritual effluvia so to speak. Also if one opens the magick square which acts as a gateway into his domain one can visualise and pull the energies of that astral domain into the temple, very much like Franz Bardons method of spatial impregnation.

Thats the magick square/gateway above i do recommend however, looking over that grimoire as although one can summon the entity using any method of evocation, utilising the system built around these entities produces a unique synergy which seems to oddly amplify the experience.
So look into the gateways, the seal of the sorcerer, so on and so forth.

This does take me back to my old days of doing it that way …