Trying so hard to get results

So I have been studying different things for the past 8 years or so, I started with watching the documentary called the secret on YouTube and just recently started studying John Paolucci’s work. The only thing is, I never get any actual results

The things I want to do are pretty complicated and hard. A few things are a bit easier but most are hard.

I want to physically alter the past so that I was born with a bigger family(more siblings and cousins) this is what I want the most honestly.

Specific jobs, natural talent in certain areas, manifesting certain relationships and more.

I’ve studied neville Goddard, John paolucci, black witch coven, faster eft, law of attraction, magick, Chris Zanetti

I’m very into things like levitation and more out there crazy stuff. The only thing I won’t do is anything involving demons. I just can’t it freaks me out

Sorry, but i don’t believe you can physically alter the past big enough to bring other people into existence.

From what i understand of Time Magick, also known as Retroactive Magick, you are limited in scope to your own timeline.

If you have been trying for eight years without success, that must tell you something.

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No I meant I’ve been trying to manifest anything not just that for 8 years

So what does time magick do? Can you change the past so that you were born differently? Let’s say for example you were born with a disability that makes you unable to breathe on your own and you needed a tube since being an infant, can you make it that you were never born with that problem? Or the complete opposite can you make yourself be born with a problem that you weren’t born with(obviously no one would do the second but I am just trying to figure something out)

No. My understanding of the time current is that it does not work that way.

According to Taylor Ellwood, one of the pioneers of retroactive magick, it effects your memory of an event more than the event itself.

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Hello there! I think it is much more helpful for you to spend more time in meditation to clearly see why you are getting the “actual results” you are getting. You are getting results of some sort, i.e. experiences at every instant, and you should clearly be able to see through to the cause in your consciousness.
It is only consciousness and imagination ( :slight_smile: it’s more limited bedfellow :slight_smile: ) that’s at work in a plethora of forms and states, visible and invisible, acceptable and unacceptable etc.

The “out there crazy stuff” is no more spectacular than what you call ordinary except that you are accustomed/habituated to what you call “normal”. As long as you feel it is “out there crazy stuff”, it tends to be harder rather than easier to shift consciousness effectively. You never alter things physically, physical is an aspect of consciousness: the whole things is consciousness/Self.