Trying out group readings! (general reading)

I never did group readings before so this is a first!
I am using different tarot deck for each group so you can pick your group that way or however you’d like. I don’t do reversals so all is upright! Also please don’t comment until I post all 4 group readings separately in the comments!

Remember to take this with a bucket of salt! And if you have any tips on what can I improve on please share! Thanks! :partying_face:


Group 1

2 of wands: two options, decisions, travel, discovery, partnership, personal power.
The tower: Intense and sudden change, release, painful loss, tragedy, revelation.
Queen of swords: supportive, empathetic, encouraging, protective, independent.
6 of pentacles: generosity, charity, community, material help, support, sharing, giving and receiving, gratitude.

The choice you’ve made felt like drawing the short straw! But things had to crumble so you can be forged into a better you! You went through alot to be the independent powerful person that you are! you will be in a position where you have a good relationship with your income.

This message is for someone specific! “Your breakup was needed so you can meet a generous supportive person. Keep looking ahead.”


Group 2

Queen of pentacles: generous, caring, nurturing, homebody, good business sense, practical, comforting, welcoming, sensible, luxurious.
The lovers: Being at a crossroads, Choices, Commitment, Falling in love, Partnerships.
King of pentacles: abundance, prosperity, security, ambitious, safe, kind, patriarchal, protective, businessman, provider, sensual, reliable.
King of swords: reason, authority, discipline, integrity, morality, serious, high standards, strict.

Ummm… this is clearly a love reading… King of pentacles and Queen of pentacles are soulmates! With the lovers in between them! King of swords feels like a third person trying to come between them with his strict ideas… (I would love to know if there is a three way going on!)
If you are still single, you are at a crossroad to find your soulmate!


Group 3

2 of pentacles: balancing resources, adaptation, resourcefulness, flexibility, stretching resources.
5 of wands: conflict, competition, arguments, aggression, tension, rivals, clashes of ego.
Page of cups: idealism, sensitivity, dreamer, naivete, innocence, inner child, head in the clouds.
8 of wands: quick action, receiving news, taking care of business, gaining momentum, exciting times.

You are juggling alot to keep up with everything that is competing for your attention in your life! A balance is needed! You dont always have to be the best! Just the best at what you do is enough! You are a winner and you will keep winning! Nourish you inner child so it doesn’t get swiped under the rug! Things will move forward at a higher speed!
If you are entering a competition you will be the winner! Congratulations!


Group 4

The magician: Determined, Dexterity, Resourceful, Skilled, Strong powerful man.
8 of cups: abandonment, walking away, letting go, searching for truth, leaving behind.
Ace of swords: clarity, breakthrough, new idea, concentration, vision, force, focus, truth.
The star: Astronomy, Good health, Hope, Inspiration, Opportunities, Spirituality.

Ok this group feels like the adepts group!
You tap into your full potential without hesitation! You are dissatisfied with your life and need to experience a higher purpose in life! You are leaving the mundane to experience a higher state of consciousness! You are about to experience a breakthrough and cut through deception! have faith, for the universe will bless you and bring forth all that you need!


Ok thanks for waiting! The floor is open for comments! :sweat_smile:


Hi, I chose group 3 which showed everything that has been bothering me for the past few days.


I too choose three,

Be the best self that I am…

Though I’ll have to duct tape my inner rugrat to something


Oh 4 calls to me. Also what decks are else BEAUTIFUL (I know the witches tarot it’s my oldest deck) but the others even the back is beautiful.


1- the rider tarot
2- everyday witch tarot
3- witches tarot
4- celestial tarot


Also this is spot on for me! This year was a year of breakdown. Next year is a year of building up and working on me. Great job!


I chose 3 and it was really accurate ^-^ cause I do need balance in my life as I get really busy with my studies that it’s making it hard for me to focus on meditation and stuff.


I chose three, too. I needed the reminder that I don’t always have to be the best and not to neglect my inner child. Thank you for your reading. :slight_smile:


I chose two. On the dot correct, been facing some troubles in my relationship due to a third party. Thank you for the reading!

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Excellent work!!! :wink: @MiKu

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Yay, pick a deck readings! I have a guilty pleasure for these as they’re so fun IMO lol. I chose #2.

tenor (3)

Meme aside, you got my significator right as I’m usually represented by the Queen of Pentacles/Coins. Not sure about two Kings coming my way, but I’ve been strongly feeling things brewing behind the scenes for some time now. I guess we’ll see. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the read, OP! Maybe do more of these if you have time as they’re quite enjoyable and accurate?

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Draw one is for me I have been through every emotion you posted and I might be the one the message is for aswell? I have thought about my ex recently and I was interested in another girl till I found out she’s dating someone… I wish I was someone that could break up a couple without any remorse lol.

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:laughing: will do!


Chosed pile 2 and I was like
Remembering times when queen and king of pentacles followed me everywhere

Then I changed to pile 3 cause it drawned my attention originally and it was super accurate, thanks a lot!

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