Trying money magick

This explains it:

thanks i can give it a try in a bit

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i hope i do it right and thanks as always

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You’ll do fine. Just relax. Worry won’t get you anywhere. The key is a relaxed gaze, so don’t stare, just look softly, and don’t be afraid to blink.

ok after i try this should i fold it up and put it in my wallet or just leave it some whare and forget about it

Carry it with you, there’s no harm in folding it. Most people will carry it in a pocket or wallet.

so i use a relaxed gaze and try to imagine its in my hand if i got that right

Relax your gaze, and visualize and feel having money, and project that feeling into the square.

ok i will try it and see if i can thanks for all the help

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and even if its only 5 bucks than im happy

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also i forgot to ask but how long dos it normaly take

How long does what normally take, to open the square, or to get the result?

Hey dk what is considered flashing? I can only get the sigil to disappear

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“Flashing” is when the lines of the seal disappear and reappear in a strobe like manner.

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What spirits is that dark night ,and the squares ism also interested in them as well can elaborate

Oh. What is what I described called :joy:

Does the seal completely disappear and not come back? :open_mouth:

No lol only as long as I don’t blink

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You need to blink. If you don’t blink and the seal disappears, it simply means your eyes have become unfocused, so when you blink the seal reappears.

When you open a seal, you enter an altered state of perception, so blinking does not matter, and should not change the effect of the seal.