Trying money magick

i whant to do money magick as my first spell but i dont know how

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The search button works wonders. That lovely magnifying glass in the upper right corner.


What type of “money magick?”

There are candle spells, and spirit evocations, and planetary magick, and seals, and squares, and calls, and invocations and…


i only heard of candle and one time spirit evocations so i whould like to start with spirit evocations

There are a lot of spirits that can bring you money.


…the spirits of the Abremelin Squares,…

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ok i just have to look on how to call on them but i think i can try with venus for my first shot and thanks as always for the help

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You might want to start with the Abremelin money square before trying to contact a Goddess.

A square is opened just like a seal and calls upon a legion of spirits to bring you money. When you open the square, call out the names of the spirits in the order that they present themselves, and call out your desire.


ok time to look that up

It’s available all over the forum. If you do a search, you will find both a completed version and an incomplete version. They both work.

There is no limit to the amount of money it can bring, but don’t expect millions of dollars. EA said he could never get it to bring him more than $5000, and the most it has ever brought me was $650, so I think it might work best with need more than want, but it is quite popular with magicians.


thanks i hope i can understand it even if i have a lil trouble looking it up right now

You’ll find the completed square in this thread.

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thanks i gave a shot at makeing one

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Do you know the technique for opening a spirit seal? it’s the same for a square.

not realy

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This explains it:

thanks i can give it a try in a bit

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i hope i do it right and thanks as always

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You’ll do fine. Just relax. Worry won’t get you anywhere. The key is a relaxed gaze, so don’t stare, just look softly, and don’t be afraid to blink.

ok after i try this should i fold it up and put it in my wallet or just leave it some whare and forget about it

Carry it with you, there’s no harm in folding it. Most people will carry it in a pocket or wallet.