Try to bound Satan and Leviathan into my bracelet how will did I do?

I been trying to do some evocation for the first to Satan and Leviathan and I’m trying to bound them with a closer relationship because satan and Leviathan did so much for me and I’m so thankful love goes out them but I feel and Ik they bounded in this bracelet but i want to know how strong of a connection it is and sorry for my English I been feeling like I’m in a trance at the moment

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simply ask them then breath in the energy and essence on your bracelt,

feeling the bead sort of opening up like portals and nexions of their energies,feel them shifting and being transmuted once this process had happened,the solidification process begins.

the solidification is the process were the energies are going to be stable solidificated and grounded to the beads simply breath in the energy and just feel the energy and essence dense up,you may vibrate their names or enns for extra potency.

I just did that