Try This Incantation. [The One and Two Incantation] Acasual and Cosmic

Alright, this is an Incantation that I used in today’s Morning Ritual. Use it in your own morning ritual and its best before the sun rises.

"I am one, I am Two
I am One, I am Two
I flow into reality, I am One
In Outer Darkness, I am Two
and I flow as a black river into Reality, I am One, I am Two.
From The Blackness of The Qlippoth I Rise. My self is cut in two to be one
with my godhood.
Acasual Flames Shall Burn Around Me, Beanth me and Above me
For I come to Existence as the Most Wrathful god"

Simple Incantation Yes, But if you focus on the Cosmic Oneness around you then you can see the power of the incantation.

Sincerely, Xag Darklight.


What is the purpose of it?

I would wager to guess that it helps get one in touch with their inner divinity and helps focus their energies for a ritual.

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When I was Chanting it, it reminded me of what i felt when Lucifuge Said “Inject Yourself In this reality!” which it means to bring out all of yourself in this world, to Dominate this life because you now are the master of it and the state of the master is a being. Here we get a level deeper into the power of the incantation which is not simply chanting it but aslo embodying it.

“I am One, I am Two”
1.The One Part refers to the Cosmic Oneness, The Universe.
2. The Two Part Means Beyond the Oneness, Outer Darkness, The Lord of Darkenss and of Light Seperated.

“I flow into reality, I am One.” This Means The Union of the Lord of Darkness and Light.
The Three Lines Under that is more Connected with the saying of Lucifuge, to Inject yourself into reality.

“I cut myself into Two” Here we come into the Dissolution, Destroying the lie version of you and uniting with the true living god. “To Be One with my Godhood” This has a seperate Meaning from the first Meaning.

The Last Two lines Signifies a rebirth.


This incantation is totally cool. It feels like Quantum Physics like the technique of the Quantum Jumping with the 2 glasses of water.


Theres again a level Deeper into that. The Commander Embodies his King’s Command. But both have the essence. Like Life, it’s better, More Beautiful to be Pure. I do say stuff like this in my morning rituals and today i thought to share it. These Saying or Incantation come mostly from the Power or Rebirth Phase of the ritual.

I know How My Energy Should Feel After that. Dominant, Steady, Grounded Beyond my Body and Ungraspable. Coming Out Of The Temple Baby!


From one came two, from two came three and from three came 10000 things.