Truth about abrahamic faiths

Have you ever used divination before to see if one of the abrahamic faiths are true or false?

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No, because the cards will pick up your biases and reflect your own expectations in the reading. If you despise the religons, for example, then the cards will tell you none are true, and if you follow one, it will tell you what you believe is correct.


It’s always when there are emotions involved divination are doom to fail right?

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Generally, yes, but especially when using tarot, because tarot is very dependant on your interpretation.


I agree with @DarkestKnight using tarot for divination on a matter like this is probably going to end with you projecting your own bias or worldview on the outcome.

Too easy to lead yourself astray in my view.


I made a whole video series on the “sacraments” in the western mystery tradition. It kind of explains why we believe what we believe.

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Know thyself. Only the truth exists regardless of divinatory outcomes or evidence. Nothing finite should be trusted completely. Go within and spend more time meditation. Higher reasoning and contemplation will also take you far.

All religions are historically and symbolically very complex. It’s complicated for a tarot deck or another divination tool to tell you if they are true or not. For example, the writings that have been preserved and collected from these religions are mostly real and historical. About the perception of God -existing, not existing, etc- it’s something more personal.

Agree with a lot said here. Plus there’s a lot more out there than just those religions to potentially be “true” anyway

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What about pendulum?

A pendulum is a better choice, if you are able to silence your mind well enough, as it is not as dependent upon interpretation as tarot, but since it functions via the ideomotor effect, there is still the potential of influence by subconscious beliefs.

Basically, if you are divining on a loaded question like the OP to which you have an emotional attachment to the answer, you may inadvertently influence the reading, regardless of the tool used.

And if I have a fear that those religions I despise are true it could swing in the yes direction even if it’s not the case that they are true?

Yes. That is why clearing the mind via meditation is recommended.

And even that would not be enough always I think. I remember I debated about the pendulum once. It’s like when there comes fear, concern or other emotions in it goes into the subconsciousness which collide so to speak when the spirits are going to answer a question as they also go through the subconsciously. I experienced that the pendulum vibrated strongly but did not swing.

all you have to do is go back in time, do your research, and see whats up

This isn’t divination but I’ve interacted with the higher power of Christian religion and deciphered it’s little better than a cancerous growth on the universe which solely focuses on control and growth. There’s very little awareness to it, just that singular desire.