Trouble with spirit boards

So, I made my own spirit board and I’m sure I’ve drawn everything correctly but for the love of all things holy (or should I say unholy) I cannot get the damn thing to work. I make sure to lift my elbows off the table and relax and my hand barely moves to yes whenever I ask if a spirit is nearby, but when I do it’s ass if the spirit sort of leaves or can’t do anything other than that. Also I wandered if i don’t want to talk to random spirits can I use a simple sigil to call the demon into the room to ask a more trustworthy entity, will that work? I have heard of “charging” a spirit board, idk what that is and I was wondering if someone could walk me through that. Thanks for helping a beginner! Cheers!


I’ve heard about using a sigil with a ouija board.

Oh also I suggest making a physical and astral circle just in case.


I’ve yet to work a ouija board successfully. I think you got to consciously move your hands but feel where they should go and see if you automatically spell out something. That could be an indication that a spirit is using your hands to move the planchet. You should will the spirits to influence where you move your hands and see what happens.

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The Spirit Board relies on the ideometer effect, so it’s necessary for you to actually move. This is about improving your trust in your intuition and divine imagination.

I detailed some of my experiences with the Spirit Board in a previous topic of mine, perhaps that could help you.

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Use a protective circle. Move the panchette around try a side wards 8 movement. Also try and be in a open and receptive state of mind. Maybe meditate or do some trance work beforehand to stimulate the change of consciousness. Think of it as form of automatic writting that the spirit is communing through you and the panchette.