Trouble with manifestation and such


Very new to the forum so forgive me. I am having the worst luck getting any sort of manifestation or confirmation that any of the work that I am doing is actually working. I for the life of me have yet to find a demon that would take liking to me to actually lay things out for me in a clear and concise manner. Does anyone have any constructive ideas or insight?

  1. How are your comms with non-physical entities, do you have decent clairvoyance & clairaudience, how certain are you that what you perceive is them, not accidental brain-fill?

  2. Which demons have you summoned?

  3. By which methods? And what’s your reason for choosing those, please give us some background? :slight_smile:

  4. Demons don’t always have to take a liking to you, but anything you can report on your perceptions of the relationship between you might help. :slight_smile:

Lots of questions, not meant as an “interrogation” :slight_smile: but I’m just trying to help us all get a good profile of what’s going on here.

Oh, and please check your Messages tab at the top of the page, I sent you a rmeinder to do an intro - thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello from a fellow newbie.

Now, I will be NO help in evocations, as I haven’t practiced any myself. Yet. So apologies for weighing in. However I’ve read an acceptable amount (in my mind anyway, so feel free to ignore anything I say).

From what I’ve read so far… most of the time you have to do your research. Know what you want, learn which entity can provide it for you, read on how to summon them and go from there. If you choose to call on any Spirit that will listen - sometimes it gets you amazing results, yet most of the time it wields little as you are not sure what you want and whom you want if from.

Now perhaps I am mistaken. Lady Eva’s questions stand in order to determine how to advise you best, my dear fellow scholar.