Trouble with Lucid Dreaming

I often find myself in a Lucid Dream. But there is a BIG problem. Even though I am aware I am dreaming and can do feats such as flying. I have NO control over the environment or the characters in the dream.
I have even had the experience of seeing an attractive person but when I approach them they turn into something totally different!
Can anyone shine some light on this?


It’s a common thing. I wouldn’t call it a problem, it’s a stage in your development.
Just more practise, that’s all. Keep your dream journal, do some ritual before going to sleep and be persistent.
Good luck!


It is common? That makes me feel a lot better. Thanks.

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Yes, even among highly experienced magicians.

how would one foster desirable characters in dreams? It does not seem to matter if I watch a good movie before bed etc. The characters in my dreams…well they kinda suck to be honest. Do you know any methods to change that?

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What works for me, doesn’t have to work with you.
People use all sorts of “tricks” to do that.
I do invocation just before going to bed, and repeat my intention until I fall asleep.
I can recommend “Exploring the world of lucid dreaming” by Stephen LaBerge & Howard Rheingold, but there are so many good books, so you can easily get confused.

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Look into W.I.L.D ( Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming ) it’s when you wake yourself briefly from your sleep and then try to go back to sleep, knowing that this time you’re aware of your dreams and that you can control them. But I recommend more research