Trip report: Flying Ointment


I bought some flying ointment from the Black Arts Foundry for use in ritual (also, I like drugs). For those that do not know, flying ointment is a blend of herbs and other things that when applied on the skin can produce effects that make trance work easier.

This is my report.

Date: 9/13/2014 3:30 P.M.
Location: Temple room at the altar I have for St. Cyprian
Mood: Overall balanced, a bit apprehensive as I have not tried this before and it has been a while since I had taken any psychoactive drug or chemicals.
Objective: Making offerings to St. Cyprian, and holding congress with him.

I had tested a small patch of the ointment on my skin two days prior to test for an allergic reaction, nothing. So following instructions I applied a (slightly smaller) pea sized glob of the ointment to the area where my 6th chakra would be, and a small amount to the soles of my feet.

Effects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to manifest, so I sat in meditation at Cyprian’s altar and preformed Jason Miller’s “Pillar and Spheres Ritual”

Upon completion of that ritual I lit Cyprian’s candle and incense and proceeded with the method of calling Cyprian as found in Conjure Man Ali’s ebook. I knelt and knock on the altar 9 times while calling Cyprian’s name between each knock, then proceeded with a prayer.

The room temperature changed along with the familiar feeling I get when a spirit I wish to speak to is present. I proceeded to make my weekly offering to St. Cyprian and speak to him.

At this point 45 minutes had past, I felt much more relaxed almost like I had taken a good toke or two.

I should note that as I do not have good relationship with St. Cyprian yet, and as I was not trying to evoke anything to visible appearance, I focused on his statue and just spoke with him.

Trance was much easier and the channeling answers came much quicker, but I am not sure if that was a placebo effect and I had gotten into a deeper trance because I expected to. Basically once I felt his presence I asked my two questions then went into a trance to channel the answers. I also scryed into the incense smoke which seemed easier, but again this could just be a placebo effect.

Upon getting my answers I thanked Cyprian and promised to be a serious student worthy of his tutelage. I then ended with my normal “Thank you for coming, and may peace ever regin between thee and me.” spiel I use at the end of spirit communications.

Later divinations would confirm that I was indeed in contact with St. Cyprian and the answer to my questions were true and helpful, also a fruitful relationship is in the works.

Total time: 1 hr, 45 minutes.
Conclusion: I honestly could feel a difference, but as stated above this may be a placebo effect. Next time I plan doubling the dose and seeing what developed.

Stay frosty,

Flying ointments are supposed to facilitate astral projection. I wouldn’t recommend it to simply get into a trance to communicate with a spirit. May as well journey to them.

Thanks for sharing!

Did you mention which blend you had used? I’m really interested in this as I"m still trying to find something effective for ritual use. Tiger Balm just left me with zits, and LSD was a bit more distracting then I was hoping for xD

Also, how was the smell? Some products I’ve purchased have smelled so rank I never want to use them.

Edit: Euoi, from what I can see, the creator herself makes these for astral travel as well as trance/spirit work.

Thanks Euoi, I was hoping that the smaller than normal dose would facilitate trance and spirit communication. I wasn’t trying to “leave” just yet, just get in a good trance quicker. I imagine a larger dose would have gotten me out.

Oh well, I know what I m doing this weekend.

@Blacklamb, I got the Toad Oil, it was a limited run, but I decided to give it a go.

Edit: Deff, sorry… The smell is strong but not all that bad. Musty but not overbearing.

Well no. The ointment doesn’t bring you out. It only opens the door to speak. You have to do the rest and walk out.
When I use it, I blindfold myself and put on a shamanic journeying track to help further facilitate the projection.
The thing about using it just for spirit communication is that it is poisonous. I wouldn’t use it regularly in doses that cause trances. If it gets you to a trance, then that’s all you should take. Anymore, and you can have a nasty trip to the hospital. But otherwise, if it’s giving you the trance, then you’re doing good! I have the Belladonna ointment myself and plan to make one from henbane when my plant grows up.

Nice, growing your own. I don’t think I have the green thumb for it.

Well, I will keep experimenting here and there with it. (Safely of course)

Interesting you would post this…I was just looking at that ointment at Black Arts Foundry…get out of my head! Lol no but in all seriousness I might just try some. I know a gentleman who works within the Qayinite/182 current who composes similar ointments and fetishes with startling results, so I would also recommend Calvary Cross Botanica as he has personally vouched for them.

Awesome shit Or is men!

I myself like to make a mixture of mugwort,wormwood, and a small amount of thistle oil and roll it up and smoke it.
It’s almost immediately relaxing and helps clear the mind in my experience.

You have to be care full with that shit too (especially the thistle oil).
The worst side effects I got was from rolling too big a joint and smoking it rather quick.
I started shaking uncontrollably and felt like I hadn’t eaten for days and had to force myself to eat which didn’t even help all that much.
It wasn’t like having the good ole munchies.
I felt like hammered shit.

Damn, I am not sure I would ever smoke it @_@

I had a real bad experience with something I smoked once and now I am very careful with that.

But so far it seems that 3/4ths a a pea size can aid me in trance work, which I can use for spell craft and such. I will up the dose in about three weeks (got too much mundane stuff to do on the weekends to experiment with drugs).

Sarah, the owner of B.A.F., mentioned that one can speak to the ointment before applying it and load it with intent or ask its help. I did that in regards to my first attempt, I will experiment with this too.

I have never been all that good with AP, but this may help.

Anyone know how to brew your own flying ointment?

I am very likely going to utilize ayahuasca, and I found a recipe for pure crystal DMT as well.

Ayahuasca is something taken internally. Flying ointments are meant to be rubbed on the skin.
The main ingredient is usually a poisonous plant such as henbane, Belladonna, mandrake, etc. Because they contain certain chemicals that when reacting with your body, Inducea trance state. Specially with the nightshades, it’s like taking a drop of death.
Anyway, you’ll have to research if Ayahuasca has the same effects or chemicals that can react through a salve. Or try it out. Sarah Anne Lawless’ blog has a post about the method of beating ointments with natural stuff.
Other ingredients added are associated with divination, walking between worlds, and spirit communication.

[quote=“Illustrious, post:10, topic:4039”]Anyone know how to brew your own flying ointment?

I am very likely going to utilize ayahuasca, and I found a recipe for pure crystal DMT as well.[/quote]

I would enjoy seeing the resource of this information. I have done research and interested in DMT especially. I have little knowledge of the other. Please enlighten me …

You seem to be the expert on this as you’ve posted about this before concerning the Witch’s Sabbath so I’ll ask you.
Like Orismen said I’m not good at AP.I’ve come close a couple times but the excitement or realizing I was out of my body stopped it.

Can flying ointment aid in helping someone who’s trying to learn AP?
Or does it just help someone who already knows how do it with more eas

I’ve never successfully left my body before. Flying ointments really hit that certain “witch” spot for me. I was able to very easily leave my body. So I think that it can really help you if you’re just learning and need some extra help.
There are other tools that can help you when you’re out by the way. A stang decorated with the right fetishes can help you fly or become a steed to ride upon. You can create shamanic cloaks with feathers etc. That help you fly.

But honestly, I see what I’m doing more akin to shamanic journeying than AP. Though perhaps I’m just ignorant and they’re the same thing.

I’ve little experience with the ointments but am now getting intrigued. I do however have a wealth of experience with things like DMT.

DMT and Ayahuasca will get you out of your body, but it will not be the same as a projection into the astral, a lucid dream or anything of that vein. It is so transcendental in decent doses a large part of the ego just goes poof instantly. That’s great if you want to explore your soul, the higher self, the planes where ideas form into explore-able concepts or whatever, it is not so useful if you want to connect to a spirit or get something physically done.

I would strongly advice against DMT for most people here, simply because it starts a process that is irreversible. Your belief system has no choice but to at least partially crumble in wake of the new truths you will experience, and while that sounds very nice it can be a real pain to reinvent yourself and your reality afterwards. So if you want to take your magickal work to the next level, my advice would be to use the right tool. Work up to DMT and it’s brothers and sisters and use it to connect to your higher truths, not to connect to an entity that you only need a bit of a booster to get to.

I listened to a podcast a while ago about a man who made a documentary about DMT and Ayahuasca. He mentioned that he felt like he had not gone to the astral plane, but to a place he called the vegital plane.

Sounds like something I would be interested in.

Check out Carlos Castanedas books on Lucid Dreaming and the portals you can open within them. I think youd like the material…

Thanks for the info Euoi!
Definently gonna give this a go!

Concerning DMT,
I’ve never tried it but a good friend of mine told me about his experience with it.
He said he left his body and ended up where souls reincarnate back to the physical realm
He said he was actually seeing the process of reincarnation go down.
He said he no longer fears death because of the experience.

So from what my buddy said I have to agree with Yuri on the fact that DMT is probably best used for learning higher truths and not for astral travel.

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A precept I pulled of the net, would appear a lot easier just to buy the shit

Posted by Sarah on Friday, December 14, 2012
The creation of flying ointments is quite the process for me. To share a bit of the magic and practical side of it I will be taking you through the crafting of the Sabbat Flying Ointment from start to finish. “Sabbat: is one of the most intense flying ointments I make and, though I don’t usually recommend it for beginners, it is one of my most popular ointments due to it being such a classic traditional recipe — inspired by the recipes recorded by Giambattista della Porta, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, and Honorius.
First I head to the farm market up the street to buy bulk pig fat from the butcher. When I get home I carefully slice away any remaining traces of meat and then cut it into small cubes with my very sharp hand forged ritual knife. The smaller the fat is cut up, the faster and more evenly it renders. I hone my knife before and after each use, wash it right way when I’m finished butchering, and oil the blade now and then to always keep it sharp and in its best condition.

I put the fat on the stove starting on medium heat to get it going for about 10-15 min and then reduce it to a low heat so it doesn’t burn. I use the dry rendering method as I tend to get the same quality as the wet method. How long it takes depends on the quantity of fat you’re rendering. A big batch takes about 2-4 hours. I can tell it’s ready when the fat is a clear yellow-gold liquid and the little cubes of fat have been reduced to crispy gold cracklins. At this point I strain the fat through a sieve into a sterile stainless steel bowl and then strain again through a much finer sieve into sterilized canning jars.
You can sprinkle the cracklins with salt and bake them until extra crispy as a naughty snack, but my stomach can’t handle the grease, so I usually feed them to the crows who gobble them up like crack candy.

Once the fat cools, it becomes solid and creamy white. It now has a shelf life of about two years if stored properly in a cool, dark place. I store my rendered fats in the fridge when I’m not using them to make ointments in order to prolong their shelf life. There are currently the rendered fats of bear, duck, pig in my fridge (rendered fat also makes an excellent base for homemade soap).
As an added bonus, I’ve learned in my years of rendering fats that the scent attracts men better than any perfume or lingerie – especially duck and bacon fats. They swoon!

Once the fat is ready and the quantity measured out, it’s time to add the herbs. I carefully weigh the portions of belladonna, datura, henbane, and mandrake root on my scale, grind them, and add them to the canning jar of fat. I also add some home made balm of gilead oil as a natural preservative and for it’s magical associations with astral travel and flying. There are many different methods for herbal infusions; I tend to use two: the oven method and the double boiler method. I use the oven method for large quantities of flying ointments and the double boiler for when I’m just making one batch of ointment. The jars of oils and herbs are placed in the oven at 120°F for about 5-8 hours, stirring them every 30 min if I can.

Afterward, I carefully strain out the herbs three times to get every last speck, pour the infusion into a new clean canning jar, measure the quantity of liquid again (the herbs absorb some of the fat reducing the amount), and weigh out the shaved beeswax accordingly (1 cup of liquid per 1 ounce of beeswax). Then it goes back into the oven at 200°F to melt the beeswax for 1-2 hours. When the wax is completely melted, the infusion appears clear. I then heat up my big glass measuring cup in the oven, lay out clean ointment tins on my workbench, and then proceed to pour the flying ointment into the tins. Then I allow them to cool for a few hours before adding the lids and labelling them. I will usually consecrate the jars to their purpose while they are cooling and all in one place by whispering a blessing over them while burning incense in offering to the plants and pig used to craft it.

The whole process takes about three to seven days from start to finish (almost half of that is purely for chopping up incredibly hard mandrake roots). And that’s how an animal fat-based flying ointment is made.

Crafting from scratch makes thing lots more powerful. Especially if you’re the one who’s cared and harvested the plant used in the ointment.