Trimorphic Protennoia (Nag Hammadi)


I like the Nag hammadi Texts.They seem original, and you can find plenty of good stuff like names of unkown beings-aeons etc.In this text i found some names of beings i don’t know like ARMOZEL (the first light-angel).

That’s some really interesting stuff - the use of both gender pronouns and androgyny alone challenges the Church’s idea that “God” is mostly male in nature, and that they can say this because “that’s how it’s always been, and anything else is modern frippery.” Nice find! :slight_smile:

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i did a blind invocation to Armozel and it seems like an angelic being.I’ll try the others also

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I think these texts are the real thing and not bullshit church stuff.There are undiscovered godnames to use and i plan to experiment with them soon.For the moment i invoked ARMOZEL and i tried to do the same with BARBELO.


The story really paints a different picture of what people are really worshiping as god.
From understanding of it; Samael and Lilith were joined together and were giving birth to floods of demons.
Then Armozel comes around with its flaming sword and sliced off Samael’s and Liliths sex organs.
Then banished them to the Earth.
Then from what I understand Samael later becomes what most people consider Yahweh, Baal, Jehovah,Zeus ect.
A Jealous vengeful Archon that sets out to curse and confuse Adam because Adam was created with spark of Divinity that was Barbelo.

Where have I heard that before?
Sounds like Michael Slaying Lucifer.