Triggering Gamma

So I’ve been working on the Theta-Gamma Sync. I find I’m easily, easily able to trigger the Theta state. This isn’t a problem at all. I get super relaxed, colors blur a bit and things appear sharper, but I don’t really experience the full static rain and I don’t lose equilibrium. I can hold this state for long periods, but I don’t get to gamma, and I can’t even begin to approach a rapture state. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to make the gamma state finally come up?

I’ve been having the same problem.My issue is that I don’t know WHEN I hit gamma.I can tell mainly because sigils will start to transform like the lines will double and I’ll see a white aura floating off the lines but they don’t flash.A trick I’ve started using the past couple days is setting my intent.Before I take my first breath I say out loud "I am here to enter the TG sync.I’ll start my meditation with a deep inhalation and hold it for 10 seconds.Count the seconds in your head.This usually gets me rocking back and forth while holdind my breath.I then just focus on my breath for a few minutes then state out loud “I’m entering TG sync” or “I’m almost there”.Doing this prepares your mind to enter these states.You’re basically telling you brain what to do.I still havn’t hit the rapture though.But this has been helping me get to gamma and I hope it helps you.

Good Luck

I get the 3D visual, the aura of the sigil, and yes, the static rain. I can get the static rain easily, so much that it blankets everything in my field of vision completely. I do this by gazing before the sigil a bit, so it’s slightly out of focus, the the static rain becomes more and more pronounced the more I gaze. However, I don’t get the flashing (on a sigil at least), and I’ve only experienced it once, upon waking, as I documented in another thread. So I know the flashing can occur, although I don’t know what state I was in when I experienced it for myself (theta-ish is a good guess).

I wish E.A. would expound on how he came up with the Theta-Gamma Synch. He goes into it a little bit in the Evocation course, but not enough to explain how there is a Synch. The gamma brainwave is a frequency between 25 and 100hz, while the theta brainwave is a frequency between 0.1 and 4hz. Not sure how they can be in sync.