Tried to thin the veil, accidentally ripped it wide open, yikes

Hi, folks. In a bit of a pickle, here.

So my plan was, using S. Connolly’s guide in her book on necromancy magick, to gradually thin the veil before the next full moon. I wanted to draw out my biological mother and speak to her on the anniversary of her death. I never got to meet her, and wanted to see if we could finally talk. It happening concurrently with a full super moon sounded perfect.

Well, apparently, the veil was already thin, and I succeeded at ripping it open and something came out and scared the shit out of my cat. He ran around with wide eyes and a puffy tale for hours afterwards.

This morning, the first thing I did was call Bune, who has been helping me with ouija and scrying. She said that these might be the reasons why the veil was already thin:

  1. It was a new moon
  2. A suicide happened right across the street
  3. I’m already a strong medium

I’ve asked Bael to help seal it back shut, offering him the energy from a huge piece of quartz charged on the last full moon.

Can anyone give me any more advice or ideas? I would still like to find a way to talk to my bio-mom, but without terrorizing my poor furbaby.


Which book is it exactly? I might have it, and be able to give you more insight based on if I have read it or not.

In general, it sounds like you need to strengthen your psychic defenses. Put up barriers and wards, use your own energy and energies from spirits that you trust to do this: like Bael and Bune. Though these things usually require maintenance and attention, even if your shields get their juice from outside sources or something. Its always good to check in on their health every so often and manually restore or strengthen them with your power.

Cleansing the space before you start should be good, as well as yourself. This makes sure no astral nasties follow you into your ritual based on whatever mundane shit you have been dealing with throughout the day, etc.

Once you have proper defenses up, the chance of an intruder or anything unwanted actually popping up is quite slim.

This is your ritual. It is QUITE disrespectful for a shade to appear when you were looking for your mom. Banish the fuck out of it and make sure its known its not welcome. Poor furbaby :frowning:

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Thats interesting, please let us know what happens with you?

Interesting though that the great Duke/Duchess makes mention of one of the reasons being a suicide happening across the road…

Mmmmmm. Will research this much.

The veil is a veil of perception, not a physical barrier. Perceive it as thick and it is, perceive there to be no veil, and there will be no veil.


So if one were to do that, would they be able to see spirits better?

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Yes, but altering your own perception consciously isn’t that easy.


Could one do is subconsciously with the use of sigils or spirits?

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Possibly, but you can’t use external forces as a replacement for internal manifestation. I’d recommend going at it using both internal and external methods.

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The book is called Honoring Death: the Rite of Necromantic Demonolotry

I just had Vine help put up a ward, but it was just around my bedroom window. I might just have to do the basement, too, down where my altar is.

I have a selenite tower that I usually use to cleanse my room, and I just started cleansing using a little porcelain bell, too. I’ll do these and then try it again.

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You might want to expand your barriers to the ends of your property, and keep the ones around your room and altar. Layers are good. Like onions!

Though I am glad you were aware enough to put them up to begin with xD

I think I have that book. I will look up the rite you used. Let the searching commence.

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Yeah, good idea. I just went down and threw some of my four-thieves vinegar across the garage entry and put some more on the wall (my altar is on a bar that no longer gets used). I also added some cleansing oil I had made (olive oil, salt, and rosemary).

I’m an anxious and paranoid person by nature, I always have protective magick at hand!