Tried to evoke a Goetia king and have Him hear me, but rather .. a different entity may have

Hi guys. I’m a complete beginner in evocation. I tried to evoke a Goetia king for days. There were times when I evoked this king while crying/tearing up. And now, one of my household members informed me that they felt very emotional all of a sudden and that something doesn’t feel right, and she suspects I most likely brought an emotional spirit in the house. I was not trying to evoke an emotional spirit… any thoughts? Banishes? Reasons why the spirit came was maybe that I cried during evocation and that entity became attracted? Did my Goetia demon hear me at least?

Did you set up any type of protection when you tired? How long have you be practicing Magick?

Sometimes we try to run before we can even crawling and things like this happens. You attracted a parasite since you weren’t full ready for evacuation. I would banish and cleanse yourself, your home and your family member to make sure it completely goes.

Then study a little more and work on perfecting your senses, Magick etc and try again.

With Magick sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

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The first time I evoked, I used a circle for protection, but it wasn’t a perfect circle. I drew it on cardboard. and the edges were slightly off because the cardboard wasn’t wide enough. But the second time, I didn’t use a circle. I haven’t practised magick ever but I studied magick and only assumed my mind was ready.

I don’t think it’s a spirit! I think its your emotional charge still hanging out in the space! Energies has to go somewhere! Either it wasn’t targeted correctly or the excess energy could not be absorbed back into you! After any ritual you have to do some grounding! If its too much for you then ground the energy into the earth or stones!
Banishing also helps neutralise it too!