Tried Creating a Talisman

After browsing for some more sweet wisdom and knowledge I found myself reading about talismans and the creation of it.

I’ve made sigils before and a talisman seems very similar to a sigil. If anything the only difference there is is the fact that you usually get rid of the sigil or is less permanent than a talisman. Correct me if I’m wrong in anything though.

So I tried creating my own by basically doing the process of sigil making but this time with the focus or programming of the talisman so to say that whenever carried or worn that it activates.

The sentence I used and what I wanted it to do was “I see and hear all spirits”.

Its extremely small and I basically layered three pieces of paper to make it a tad more sturdy.

After drawing it and cutting it out I meditated or more so focused on the talisman and imagined what I wanted it to do. I also tried simply sending it energy and hope that it would be charged like that as well.

Now I was wondering if maybe I missed something, did something wrong or if there are essentially any tips for whenever in the future I do this again. I’m not 100% new but neither am I advanced like most I see here. But I’m getting there though, slowly but surely


Nice job! I cannot say you did anything wrong here; you followed your own intuition and wave of magick to create your talisman. That’s what matters. Just believe, and you’ll be good.


Genuine belief is all you need. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I got a little overthinking problem but this gives me confidence in my work!

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I know how you feel. I tend to overthink things as well.

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