Tried astral projection for the first time

Hey there Folks!

So yesterday at around 3am I was laying in bed having trouble falling asleep again.
I figured this would be a good time to try astral projection (now I know you should do it in a upright position not laying in bed) so I plucked my earphones in and fired up a guided astral projection video.
After a while I felt quite relaxed although I had some troubles breathing slowly but overall it was quite enjoyable.

Now there isn’t much interesting stuff to say apart from I felt some tingling in my hands and my feet and from time to time felt like seeing a white flash although my eyes were shut.

Oh and also although I tried to not imagine anything I pictured some weirdly shaped faces looking at me but that just happened once or twice. It kinda freaked me out a bit.

I just wanna know what y‘all think about this and maybe how I could do better next time.

Thank you in advance and stay home.


Check Robert Bruce’s book about astral projection. :wink: He is da master!

Kudos. :slight_smile:

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I second this. That guy is great at building your energy body!


I’ve been working to improve my sense of the energy around me and my own. Been really considering taking the next step forward and buying Robert’s Energy Work video course, just wondering about what you may think about it. I know he’s really knowledgeable in his field and I’ve watched some Youtube videos of his.

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I personally like him. If you go to his website, he has a free energy primer course, so you can see how well you like his approach.

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I was on my phone earlier and couldn’t get the link up. Here’s the link to the energy primer:

Hey I appreciate the help man and going so far as to provide a link. I think I will start this tomorrow, feeling good about it. Cheers

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Thanks y’all for the quick replies!

I‘ll be sure to check him out.

Hello again,

I just thought I might give you a little update on my situation.

In the past few weeks I left this whole astral projection thing alone for a while as it wasn’t really working for me (ik you have to be consistent but oh well).
What’s strange about that is that as soon as I stopped trying and wanting to astral project/lucid dreaming, I experienced it on a almost regular basis. I go to sleep and as soon as I fall asleep, I get overwhelmed by visuals and sounds.

Overwhelmed might even be an understatement, I was utterly terrified. I heard thumping noises, saw bright flashes and my muscles where kinda twitching. But as soon as I thought to myself ‚make it stop‘ I woke up.

Does anyone have any Idea why that is the case?


It’s difficult to really explain why you are experiencing this, as everyone’s experience with astral projection is different - especially in the beginning when you are only just exploring your abilities. It could be that you were putting too much effort into attempting to astral project and, now that you have stopped actively trying, your mind is subconsciously beginning to access your astral state. Alternatively, it could be that you were not ready to enter the astral realm previously - perhaps you had doubts over whether or not it was ‘real’. Doubt can seriously affect your ability to astral project/lucid dream, in my experience.

As for the noises, flashes and muscle twitching all I can say is that the first few exploits into the astral realm are very taxing on the body and you can easily become overwhelmed by the things you experience there. In my experience the senses are heightened to levels far beyond that of everyday life and this can be frightening the first few times you successfully project. The effects can also vary depending on who your Patron is and whether you are specifically trying to access a particular astral realm, or just let your mind go wherever it wants.

As ever, this answer is based on my own experiences; others will have different experiences and advice to give.

I experienced this a lot! Also it comes with a massive pain either in my chest or my head! And yes when I think “make it stop” I wake up! There is times where I ignored it because I was just too sleepy to bother! Next thing i knew am out! Its just the transition state from physical to astral! I try as much as possible to sleep through it and just wait it out! When I live every moment while in transit its mad scary and painful! The trick is to ignore it and think happy thought! Other trick is having an entity talking to you to take your mind off of it! I had someone singing and playing piano! When I got out I got out dancing :dancer:

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