Trickster’s Introduction

Hey everyone! I’m Trickster (any shortened version of that is ok too, like Trix), and I’m from the Midwest region of the US. I’m a university student just trying to make my way through the world in the most interesting and exciting ways possible. I’ve had an obsession with a vast range of magicks for as long as I can remember. I’m a very independent practitioner, though I do have a small group of friends that I compare notes with and even spell with.

I use crystals and tarot very commonly, as well as plants of all kinds. Elemental magicks have been a strong resource for me, and I’ve actually been getting more into time magick lately. I have been trying to work with two “patron” gods, for lack of a better word. Hecate came to me in at a point in my life where I was lacking direction and re-inspired my spiritual explorations. She serves more as a guide than anything, though I do feel successful in invoking Her for assistance with spells and protections.

Working with Chronos has been a much more recent but fulfilling connection. I felt the need to work with a more masculine deity, as this is a place that I feel I have more power being biologically male but also a part of myself that I pushed down and suppressed unknowingly. He has quickly become a great ally, with simple invocations asking Him to speed the day up or slow it down among other things.

One thing that I have always found in myself is an intrigue in tricksters (hence why I chose the name). Loki, Anansi, and some others have always caught my attention and pulled me in, though I’ve never been able to understand the value or the purpose of these magicks other than maybe screwing with people a bit (on this note, I have not yet used magicks with hostile or negative intent, not to say I am opposed).

One trickster in particular that I feel drawn to connect with is the Púca, a faerie known for its shapeshifting and its close ties to divination and fortune. I know quite a bit about this being and feel confident that I could assemble a working invocation, though I honestly don’t feel a particular reason to invoke it outside of this draw.

Magicks that I could offer assistance in are maybe crystal and green magicks, divination, and elemental magicks. I really just trust intuition and what I feel to be right while using these, and the results have been good. Admittedly though, from having used this forum as a research tool, I know that there are others with far more experience. I have also not tried many big spells. Working with these two patrons has probably been as grand as it gets, though I once had a very moving experience when I was visited by a fire elemental!

If I’m missing anything or if anyone would like to help me and talk to me more about the Púca or why I feel so drawn to it or to tricksters, I’m all ears! Thank you all for the simple existence of this forum, let alone all of the fantastic content.


Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things.

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Welcome friend

Theres a few people on here who are tricky also… dont know if they advertise that though

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Welcome to the forum.

How long have you practiced?

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Actively, I started really creating my practice about three years ago, though a lot of the pieces of it have been a part of me since childhood, like crystals, green magick, and general interest in astrology and mythology.


We share an interest in tricksters!
Have you read any good books or can you suggest good resources that you like?


Honestly, I think the first thing that turned me on to them is pop culture references! The entertainment industry is obsessed with these characters designed to blow our minds with their masterful planning or limitless adaptability, and I actually appreciate a lot of the representations born from that. Anansi from a sect of African mythology is portrayed as such an intriguing character, a fire starter for the hearts of man, in this HBO series American Gods. Of course, Loki, Renard the Fox, the fay, all get some airtime in other popular shows in movies too.

I unfortunately don’t take the time to read many books, and finding some on these topics that are NOT pop culture is hard. However, there are several excellent podcasts that delve into tricksters and spirits and beings which could be considered tricksters. Two of my favorites are Mythical Monsters and Lore. Mythical Monsters actually has an episode on the Púca!

I recommend the book “Trickster Makes This World.”

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