…to the greatest song in the wooooorld…

Ok back to serious.

I have noticed a couple people offering tribute to the entities they work with. Things like art, publicly thanking them, food, engery…etc. Everytime I offer a tribute to an entity it is apromise of taking them with me on my rise to Godhood. Basically I just tell them things like how they will be part of my grand kingdom and as I rise so shall they. Never ran into a problem with it but I have been wondering would offering anything else increase the power of the ritual. Would it grease the wheels a bit more?

What’s ya’ll thoughts on the matter.

I think the public tribute is either due to the inclinations of the user doing so voluntarily, the entity requesting it because they detect the user somehow would lean towards doing that or something of that nature. Highly individualized.

Me: What is the purpose of offerings?

Belial: It is not just for the consolation of humans. Sometimes, bonds are required to move. In such bonds, there can be power.

See, sometimes its self satisfaction. Sometimes, it really isn’t.

What Kokuto said. My offering is usually a partnership. It never failed me.

Ah ok, so maybe it will increase the power of the ritual. It depends then I guess. What Kokuto said reminded me that Belial required my blood for the same reason, to create a bond.

“Place your blood on our pact and my seal, thus I will be with you eternally. We shall act as one, bound by your essense mingled with mine.”

Yes, DNA works very good when it comes to bonds. I use hair a lot.