Tribute to Belial

This post is for anyone who has ever wanted to work with Belial and hasn’t yet.

Its also my way of thanking Him for His extraordinary service.

I was recently unemployed and had a pending court case. Life was hectic. Ladies and Gentleman, I got an introduction to Belial.

He kicked my butt that first night that I met Him, and it was pretty nasty but I will say that He has already stunned me with the wishes I’ve had come true in the last few weeks.
I had a business opportunity come my way. People who are supporting me in getting life back on track. A new job with exactly the conditions that I wanted.
Oh, He’s helped me organise my life along with Azazel. I feel their constant presence and help.

Belial, you’re the bomb!


My thanks continue to Lord Belial. He came through for me again on the legal front today! The other guys are in a pretty bad way, and I got some money out of it, so I’m super duper happy!!!

Belial, yes You do rock!

Tomorrow I’m working on getting a job, with Belial and getting a business started this weekend.

Belial You’re the bomb!

He’s been amazing! Thank you! Will keep everyone posted.

Would you share with us even some vague details about what he did that was pretty nasty?

Great job! I would also like to hear about how he was “nasty”.
When I entered a pact with him last year my life fell apart quick.
But Belial taught me to stay strong and showed me i have the power to change it all around.Within a couple of months my life was back to normal thanks to nothing but Belial’s guidance and my own majick.

Also.would you mind sharing your methods of working with him? Was it evocation? Altar work? Or just good ole fashioned sigil work?