In traditional OTO / GD evokation one will use a triangle, triangle is connected to the element of fire and usually (almost everytime) the archangel Michael is used and Tetragrammaton. Can this names be changed? As Im more into enochiana and the true enochian God is more of my liking, not connected to the abrahamic tradition, no sin, do what thou wilt etc (true enochiana) and the “angels” are beyond epithet like good and evil, deamon and angel in abrahamic view.

Instead of Michael I would use the supreme elemental king of fire Ohooohaatan (not the traditional senior Edelprna) and use the secret Godname Oip Teaa Pdoce. I have in my 10+ years of research and practising enochiana singled out Godnames, supreme elemental kings, smaller kings, seniors and cacodeamons that have no whatsoever link to judachristian and/or the abrahamitic tradition, rituals that are purely enochian without any influence from GD. What say ye about this? Input/feedback please :slight_smile:

Ok I have rewritten one kabbalistic prayer to enochiana where I took out the traditional archangels and replaced with the supreme enochian elemental kings instead.

// mimini michael, umishmoli gavriel… // = lokala I thahaaothahey raaess i tahaoeli


Yeah the triangle is kind of more a place to focus your intent and attention it gives the spirit someplace to manifest and the symbolism has a whole bunch of meaning to it, I’m sure I don’t need to explain it here. Sacred geometry and all that. However if someone asks I will go into full detail. The main thing I think with most of the shapes and parts of ritual are there to speak to your subconscious, remind you of the aspects of the universe you are working with. Each ritual is a communication of symbolism to your subconscious. It’s like saying this is the state of existence so respond appropriately.


So I can change the names to Enochian?

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the Translation may take a Little bit of time,
but my enochian defense spell,
never let me down,
if i needed it.

Olani Blans Ol

so i’m glad if you let me know of your results.

Keep up the good work. :smiley:

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Do you use a dictionary? Many spells and shit I translate word for word
We’ll see what effect I’ll get.

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I like to use a triangle made of three animal leg bones set in the pattern of a triangle.

online translators prooven to work horrible,

so i think i deprived that one from latin language,

transfaired into Henochian.


I would vote definitely YES, because of the mantra wrap method using a triangle I was given by Raphael - this suggests to me that you can adapt these concepts as needed.



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I made a triangle, with enochian names on it; cant really say if that worked. I put my obsidian miror on the triangle, made two sigills of Lilith drawed with my blood and then black ink over it. Took one sigill of Lilith from Liber Azerate and that one that looks like three crosses with a H-looking tail in the middle. Could see my relection morph in the mirror not entirely sure if my eyes played tricks on me. I was looking at a lecture with EA about evokation and was little bit curious about his triangle, black and red; no white colour nor green in the middle. Also the signs on his triangle I would like to know what they are :slight_smile:

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well, i allready found a “blue Angel”
One whom is guided by Raphael,

which added me shortly before.

he had interesting views…

He also seemed to use the First Circle of Become a Living God,

The Angelic Evokation one.

Oh yeah, i’m working kybalion meanwhile.



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Oh yeah that’s us alright. The guy channeling even sounds like me, I’ve found two other Thoths but we don’t communicate much we all kind of are working on our individual missions. The times I had spoken to the other Thoths it was bizzare because the conversation ended up sounding like internal dialogue.

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it’s the other half of the Balance.

It’s our direct entanglement.

besides, it’s only due to shadow, that we see light,

and only due light, we may percive shadow.


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and seriously,

is it freedom, that we find, in killing each other?

the whole “sunny-flower-we ascend together”

bullshit, isn’t coming forth without a reason.

It haves to be integrated.

The meachanisms aren’t new, the way of using them, is.

Kind Regards,


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Does anyone know exactly how EA’s triangle of manifestion looks like, or do anyone know any qliphotic triangle of manifestation? I dont want answers like “just put three sticks together” or things like that… I mean a triangle with a central dot/circle, which colour, three dark godnames associated with fire and a demons name instead of michael, so I dont have to use the qabbalistic names

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I truly believe that however you decide to set up your triangle it will work for you. You could write Mickey mouse, Donald duck, and Goofy on the thing and summon the ghost of Walt Disney if you wanted.

Not to be rude but this was exactly the answer I didnt want. There are a reason for my question. Do you have a triangle with the name of mickey mouse and it works for you when you evoke a spirit?

The question is if anyone have an idea how EA’s triangle looks like and the symbols on it, or if anyone have a qliphotic triangle of evocation. Please do not answer with something OT :slight_smile:

Perhaps you should just post your question in the Ask E.A. thread since he would know what is on his triangle. I don’t know what is on his triangle.

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Well if I wanted to ask him I would have done that ^^

I dont use a triangle. Never have.