Tree of life question

I have read several books on the tree of life and what each sephiroth does, but so far all of them have fallen back on angel/intelligences/planetary type uses for the Sephiroth. Nothing has ever come flat out and said this is how to use the tree of life to manifest tangible items or to create change in your life until I read this: Kabbalah Unveiled by Ninoslav Safaric . Has anyone used this method and can they say that it works. OR does anyone have enough knowledge of Kabbalah to say “yeah, that is solid, it should work” Because I am not competent enough to know and I am curious.

Thank you for considering this question

It says start at Kether and go down lightning bolt to manifest something in the physical world. if you want to improve yourself start at Malkuth and go up lightning flash to Kether. So you would activate each sephiroth and then visualize what you want. (that does not do it justice but it is it in a nutshell)


Cavet: I dont work with the sephirotic kabbalah but rather with qlipotic kabbalah.
But some of the basic ideas exists in both forms.

To be honest the reason for this is that Kabbalah in all it forms are when you boil it down more or less only frameworks wich points at certain ideas and concepts and based upon these ideas you can work with the enteties that inhabit each sephira.
This makes work to it a bit of trial and error as well as need to comunicate with the enteties to fully understand how to work with each sephira.


There is the “unwritten” Qabalah, which is passed down orally. Give your insight a try.

So to me it sounnds like maybe each Sephirot, and the Divine names associated with it perhaps should have a step process towards a final single goal.
For instance, I work at a bank. I hate the job but it pays fairly well.
I need another job. So maybe I should ask each sephirot to help me with a step towards achieving that goal. like maybe I let Hod help me pick wisely and communicate well, then I go to the Yesod and tell it the overall plan and ask its assistance in looking good to the employer, maybe be intuitive enough to know if is a good fit for me or not.

Does somethign along those lines sound reasonable. communicate to each sephirot the overall plan then ask for specific assistance that is the specialty of that sephirot to achieve that goal.
Since what I want is here should I stick with planetary stuff instead of angels/intelligences.

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Have you pathworked the Tree?

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No, just read books is all.

If you want to understand the Sephiroth, then I highly recommend walking the 22 paths (this practice is where the term pathworking comes from), and allowing the energies of each to show you themselves.

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Agreed. Do you think it is then easier to do this (at least in the beginning) by following so me sort of guided meditations. or is it better to just read the meditation in the book and kind of memorize it and then go through that way.
That is going to take time, so is there anything I can do now to help this career change along while I do the pathworking.

I guess it would depend on the book you’re using, but to be successful you would need to be able to sink into the experience, so memorizing the meditations, or recording them, would probably work better than reading them, as then your conscious mind can relax, and not try to rationalize the experience. In the book I have, for example, which is called Magical States of Consciousness by Denning & Phillips, that’s what the author recommends (mainly, I think, because the meditations are adapted from those used in her order, and usually guided in person).

Is there a reason you don’t want to call one of the spirits associated with the Sephiroth?

No, there is no reason I cannot call on one of them. I have been trying to get the Ashim to help but my magick is weak. But I need to continue trying or else learn how to enjoy suffering of my current work.
Anyway, I just thought I would add to what I have already done.

I took the Rune Soup Saint Magick course and I can feel the saints sometimes and they have helped me with other things but no joy on the job hunt. So I thought maybe I would step it up by adding something more.

Of course there is still a pandemic going on and that has increased the level of difficulty of finding/securing work.

Have you tried to work with Jupiter?

I tired Jupiter and Mercury. Not so much for work but I made one of the Jason Miller Jupiter boxes.

I guess I could sigilize a desire on a planetary square. I also have the book Advance Planetary Magic so I could use those sigils too (that is what I used on my Jupiter box).

Do you have a copy of Jason Miller’s book Financial Magick? I ask because there is a Jupiter sigil in there specifically for finding a job.

No, I don’t but I like his stuff so it will be money well spent. I’m happy to buy it.