Tree of Life and Hebrew Letter meanings

It struck me though I dont really plan on using it too much, that what if one collected items that each of the letters stood for, and surveyed them, thinking, “What can I make out of these?”

Any merit in this?


James Del Fuego

Part of my development-training was connecting to the “tone-freq” of each of the paths, and the Letters, and the Tarot (Major Arcana) (keeping those 3 separate and distinct, and then linking- vs blurring)… so I could know-feel that flavour (thus can “stack” them- as in Spelling a Word, cast a spell- second upon the first, third upon that… what kind of “place” does that form… (and if "charge the cards, as in the MasteringDiv course, as EA shows… I’d just utilize the Major, vs entire)…
Anyway- If I understand what you mean by collecting items that each of the letters stand for: might you mean the literal, thus an Ox Goad (or an Ox figurine), a fishhook, etc? (there are the more mystical meanings of the 3 aspects of the nine steps, which could be used in the same way)…

I’m not sure if you mean by the last part (“what can I make of these?”)- if you mean like in Creative Thinking spurs-
If I have a fishhook, an ear and a Doorway (or a Window… "a wind-door traditiionally) = how to use those 3? [something like that?]


Though many may not like the mention of the YHVH, my thought while writing that was akin to a kid who finds a collection of different things, a door, nail, ox figurine, etc; and thus lacking an erector, playmobil or lego set, but has the hobbyist mind - thinks “what can I do with these?”.

You got it exactly.

James Del Fuego

Have you found a context in which that assembles to something? -Also I’d say a big part of making sense of this is to have the combination by Order-Seq.

For Example, say Door and then Nail not just being those two things, but say a “Nail” within the context of “Door” and contrast that with [Nail and then Door] =a “Door” within the context of “Nail” … if that makes sense.

<Let alone the Tetra-grammaton as you mention- how the 2nd position/first He might differ from the 4th position/second He, rather than just be the "Same letter again">

I use these to “construct” (or rather to Trigger-via-Assoc) an Energetic-Cognitive construct (translate from Symbols into such a “felt-sense”, or in reverse, to feel a “felt-Sense” and then translate those into Symbols- ie decypher into what the “name in Hebrew letters” would be…) but I haven’t used it in a physical sense of making a structure that is made of them…

I’m curious, if you wanted to share more of how you see this, that I might {see more through your perspective} … I find the idea intriguing, but I’m not sure I see where you might be thinking of it going (though that is good to me, as it indicates a diff path from my prior thinking).

 -assuming you have a concept of where this could go (do you have a concrete example of how this might go? or perhaps this is just as the concept-seed presently?)  -percolate..

I definitely find when working with Ideas (or even Mental-energy itself, which can be used to LEGO-assm a diff mind-space, let alone beyond the inventory of ideas from exper)… to put a few together and then get surprised, even a feeling of shock, at what arises- can indicate that a new corner has turned, and something new… (implications working out is good as well, both are beyond just going around in the “already-known”)

Just after I wrote the above I thought of a more explicit example- although the term escapes me (and rather than look it up… I’ll just refer to it)… you mention the Tetra- the four letters Y H V h, there is a group that has all the combinatorics, each one associated with different aspects… but the key being they are different… such that Y V H h, and V H Y h, and H Y H v, etc.

If ea letter has a meaning and perhaps you meant to combine the 3 different symbols (with two of one)- in construct like a set of figures~ a resonance type of Fetish-Totem kind of affect
(not in terms of symbol only, but creating a radiating type of concrete affect: many on this forum seem to feel it is all only in the human mind- powders/colors/scents, shapes of signatures/sigils only have impact on a person and then that person influences the Enviro- vs a non-materistic-atheism… just a psychological-psychic energy-influence)

Anyway-   for ex C A T (not only being the 3 unique letters, and their relation, but the seq meaning kitty-type of thing, vs A C T.. the same letters and thus the same elemental-aspects, but sequence changing;  and if one is to use the word Z O O  to contrast ZOO where critters are held in simulated-enviros.. with ZO (uniques- not 2 duplicates of O)...   as well as O Z O or O O Z.. etc.

seems detailed breakdown, but only then allows "translation"  (not only a word into the objects/symbols.. but if you saw a set of objects in a structure (assembled, or perhaps in a Diorama type display to translate that in to what the Word is... the letters (spelling, ea- "name" .. and meaning of?)   in the way one can "look upon" an Entity and decypher that Entities Unique name (and thereby sigil- etc... ) like the "telesmatic system" -although that is very literal, and I think of little value unless realizing it is metaphorical of the inner-energy experienced.  

anyway- not sure how far afield from your thought, but since I started to reply it sticks in my mind until I feel I've made a complete-coherent response (vs a partial)>.  I hope some of this might spur and unfold value.  cheers

Still pondering your thoughts taokua.

Sources – Golden Dawn chart on the hebrew letter meanings, online Tanakh.

Here is what I came up with in no time, with prior and current knowledge…
Aleph – Ox – (Zodiac) Taurus? Storage? Work?
Beth – House – Temple? Shelter? Contain?
Gimel – Camel – (Zodiac) Virgo? Movement? Carry?
Daleth – Door – Gate? Path? Initiation?
He – Window – ?
Vav – Hook – (Zodiac) Leo? Catch? Hang? Support?
Zayin – Sword – Protection? Magic? (Tree of Life flaming sword) Fire? (Revelations harsh word) Warning/Dismissal?
Cheth – Fence – Enclosure? Contain? Guard? (Eded Guards) Angel?
Teth – Snake – Wisdom? Climbing? Convince?
Yod – Hand – Tool? Kabala?
Kaph – Fist – Law? Defense? Strike?
Lamed – Ox Goad (not sure but believe it to be like Capricorn or yoke/libra) (Zodiac) Capricorn/Libra
Mem – Water – (Zodiac) Aquarius? Creation? Birth?
Nun – Fish – (Zodiac) Pisces? Food? Tobit/Jonah? The Deep?
Samekh – Prop – Spine?
Ayin – Eye – See? Horus? Sense?
Peh – Mouth – Nourishment? Communication? Vibration? (Zodiac) Gemini?
Tzaddi – Fish Hook – ?
Qoph – Back of Head – Spine? Pineal? Hair? Strong skull matter? Thought? Kundalini?
Resh – Head – Crown? Thought? Senses?
Shin – Tooth – Action/Reaction (ie tooth for a tooth), Alchemy? Tear apart?
Tau – Cross (not sure visual form of cross) – Ward? Crucifiction? (Zodiac) Gemini? Underword?

So let’s say I know something about the meaning of Genesis.
First there was an entity, movement, vibration, creation.
Second there was splitting apart, creation.
Third there was discernment and pleasure.
Fourth there was displeasure and opposition.
Fifth there was banishment, destruction and creation again.

So I am a bored entity that happens to exist somehow, even from my own creation.

I have a pile of unformed clay.

I know my abilities.

I dont know my hebrew well, so I’ll go wing it with the tanakh english.
So, the face comes across the waters (the deep, eye),

You can see where I’m going with that (and much more analysis is needed on my part), it also depends on the context of the letter, relating to the human or something external.

As far as sequences go, this is an interesting idea.

As far as physical objects regarding the meaning of the letter, some are obvious, some seem nonexistant but could probably have a substitute, ie water becomes cup, or salt.

Sorry, but this is a little more advanced than I thought.

James Del Fuego

Hey Taokua,

So a bit more thought and furious scribbling on a page … not too much father, but getting more and more each day.Chokmah and Binah have sol and luna atributed to them , where they fit into the right and left brain, wisdom and understanding. Through the silver and gold we have some alchemy that eventually manifests.
Okay, touched on this in the previous thread note, but will post once again …
So one day I’m thinking about the Kabalah and acts of creation in the Judaic mythos - I then think if I was presented with a bunch of different things (objects), whether they be things bought from Toys-R-Us in our day and age, numbers, ideas or sounds, what do the Hebrew letters have to do with creation.
Yes, perhaps not Kabalah as we know it, true.
So, here is a brief list:
Aleph - A, Ox, Earth (Downward pointing triangle with a horizontal straight line midway in triangle), 11, 0
Beth - B/V, House, Mercury, 12 ,1
Gimel - G/Gh, Camel, Luna, 13, 2
Daleth - D/Dh, Door, Venus, 14, 3
He - H,Window, Aries, 15, 4
Vau - O/U/V, Pin/Hook, Taurus, 16, 5
Zayin - Z, Sword/Armor, Gemini, 17, 6
Cheth - Ch, Fence/Enclosure, Cancer, 18, 7
Teth - T, Snake, Leo, 19, 8
Yod - I/Y, Hand, Virgo, 20, 9
Kaph - K/Kh, Fist, Jupiter, 21, 10
Lamed - L, Ox Goad (Yoke), Libra, 22, 11
Mem - M, Water(Downward pointing triangle with no horizontal straight line midway in triangle), 23, 12
Nun - N, Fish, Scorpio, 24, 13
Samekh - S, Prop (?), Sagittarius, 25, 14
Ayin - Aa/Ngh, Eye, Capricorn, 26, 15
Pe - P/Ph, Mouth, Mars, 27, 16
Tzaddi - Tz, Fish-hook, Aquarius, 28, 17
Qoph - Q, Ear, Back-of-Head, Pisces, 29, 18
Resh - R, Head, Sol, 30, 19
Shin - S/Sh, Tooth, Fire (Upward pointing triangle with no horizontal straight line midway in triangle), 31, 20
Tau - T, Cross, Saturn, 32, 21

The 22 letters and ascribed meanings, along with comparable letters from the (english I assume) alphabet, as well as element/zodiac/planet/other symbol attributions, and the path and tarot trump attributions.

We know, at least now, that all creation and destruction from Jehovah is through vibration/logos.

We know also that there are numeric values associated to each letter, not as the path or tarot trumps. We know that there are strong meanings to certain numbers. We know that numeric sequences can alter a value. Four is the number for cardinal directions, grouped triplicities of zodiac signs, arms and legs of humans and some animals, the points of a cube (Height,Width,Length,Depth), the kaballic worlds, eight groupings of the number of paths in the tree of life. Two is the number of luminousity (sol, luna), the nostrils, the eyes, the ears, the lungs.

Our task then is to figure out what each of these mean, how they are used in order to create/destroy an object. Furthermore, how they can be used as pertains to the body of (wo)man.

So I got scribbling and sketching (as best as I can draw anyway). I found the following meanings and insights.

An Ox pertains to a symbol that can carry, work, possibly pertains to the symbol of Taurus. However, as we now know, it is not Taurus, as Taurus is attributed to Vau. So these are the possibilities for Aleph, to which Earth is attributed.

A House pertains to shelter, a possible cube, something that contains, a temple. These are the possibilities of Beth, to which Mercury is attributed.

A camel pertains to carry, movement, possibly virgo. But it does not pertain to virgo, it pertains to luna. These are the possibilities for Gimel.

A Door pertains to initiation, a gate, an entrance, a path, also a possible cube (though usually a rectangle). These are the possibilities for Daleth, to which is attributed Venus.

A window pertains to a dimension, a tablet, a possible cube, possible number of cubes, a reflection. These are the possibilities of He, where Aries is attributed to He.

A Hook pertains to the image of Leo, something that supports, hangs or catches, a snake. To Vau is attributed Taurus.

A Sword pertains to what guards eden, communication, fire, to guard, protection, magick, a harsh word. To Zayin is attributed Gemini.

A Fence/Enclosure pertains to ward, guard, to contain, an angel. To Cheth is attributed Cancer.

A Snake pertains to wisdom, symbol of Leo/Luna nodes, convincing, climbing. To
Teth is attributed Leo.

The Hand pertains to the fingers which point to the four elements and the spirit, to pull, to push, a tool, a symbol of Virgo. To Yod is attributed Virgo.

The Fist pertains to the four elements and spirit, law, defense, strike or push. To Kaph is attributed Jupiter.

The ox goad pertains to a yoke, the symbol of libra, the symbol of capricorn. To lamed is attributed Libra.

The Water pertains to the deep, the flood, clouds, firmaments, the symbol of Neptune, creation, the cup, moisture, the pitcher, birth, the sign of aquarius. To Mem is attributed the symbol of Water (Downward pointing triangle with no horizontal straight line midway in triangle).

The Fish pertains to food/nourishment, Jesus, Tobit, Jonah, the sign of Pisces. To Nun is attributed Scorpio.

The Prop pertains to something which holds another up, the spine. To Samekh is attributed Sagittarius.

The Eye pertains to that which sees, Horus, to sense. To Ayin is attributed Capricorn.

The Mouth pertains to vibration, communication, teeth, nourishment. To Pe is attributed Mars.

The Fish-Hook pertins to that which catches a fish, the symbol of Leo or the Luna nodes. To Tzaddi is attributed Aquarius.

The Ear/Back-Of-Head pertains to listening/hearing, communication, the pineal, the brains, the spine, the skull, matter. To Koph is attributed Pisces.

The Head pertains to the skull, brains, knowledge, crown, senses, thought. To Resh is attributed Sol.

The Tooth pertains to nourishment, communication, cutting/tearing. To Shin is attributed the symbol of Fire(Upward pointing triangle with no horizontal straight line midway in triangle).

The Cross pertains to death and resurrection, wards, crosses, crossroads, the symbol of Tau. To Tau is attributed Saturn.

So, with this, we further find that on the image of the face, Kether is attributed to the top of the head; Left brain Binah (Understanding, Female), symbol of salt; Right brain Chokmah (Wisdom, Male), symbol of Fire; Left ear Jupiter, Right ear Saturn; Left nostril Venus, Right nostril Mars; Mouth Mercury; throat symbol of Earth/Salt.
The arms are Chesed and Geburah. Blood the spirit. The lungs air. The heart sol and fire. The legs are Netzach and Hod. All lower extreectory and reproductive organs Yesod. The Feet Malkuth.

Also on the paths, 32 paths, 50 gates. Somewhere I saw an eventual number of gates being 231, not sure how that was derived.

So then, how many items do we need in our playset, to reenact Genesis - at least the creation story in Genesis?

This as well as your points, taokua, I am still working on…

James Del Fuego