Treachery, Hate, and The Art of Spiritual Violence: A Trip to Satan's Realm

I wanted to find out what was following me and fucking with me ever since I was a kid so I decided to do a evocation and call it forth. What ended up happening instead was a Soul Travel into Hell itself.

The Travel

I entered into a meditative State and started vibrating Satan’s name internally as I feel I needed some form of protection and was nervous as fuck.

As I vibrated his name I felt myself descend down wards repeatedly until I felt and sensed I was at the mouth of a cave in the deepest parts of hell. I got glimpses of it and it was the exitway to the 9nth Circle of Hell, Treachery.

I thought to go in to the cave, but instead turned around as best I could using my Will.

I saw this extreme…chasm, or abyss before me with walls of Ice trailing into the Darkness. Inhaling a breath, I jumped off the cliff and into the Darkness.

I started chanting Satan’s Enn (Tasa Reme Laris Satan) as I sensed it would pull me to where I needed to be.

Sensing that I was falling faster and faster, I chanted his Enn more until I landed on a floor made of Ice, surrounded by Darkness, and Fire. Ironic as Hell

Satan was there in his Dragon form amongst the Darkness 360° around me.

He opened a gateway and told me to summon forth the shit that was screwing with me.

I did.

The Evocation

What came forth through the portal was A legion of One eyed monsters with the bodies of worms and two horns each.

After that a 12 ft tall GIANT Cyclops stepped out and presented itself before me.

Turns out this was the Embodiment of My Hatred. He said I supress myself too much (Ironic) and I should learn the magic of Hate.

Afterwards, I absorbed him into me and instead of feeling Hateful, I felt Call and Whole although I could sense Hate burning within me, just like Satan.

The Meditation
The greatest form of Treachery is taking the power given to you by a Monotheistic entity, and using it for your own ends by doing everything contrary to what you were admonished not to do by that deity.

When this is done without Hate, it is simply termed, Disobedience and gets a slap on the wrist.

When done without care and with the intent of Full on Hate for the Deity and anything it stands for it is termed Rebellion and gets a stricter punishment as you are challenging the Deity.

When this Hate is pushed to the Degree that you Curse and succeed in killing a Ordained Man of God and revel in it, it is termed, Spiritual Violence and is the most unforgivable act imaginable. The key is to make sure this Man of God is the one you were raised up under spiritually. Kind of like a Father figure.

Spiritual Violence utterly smashes all moral and spiritual restraint and solicits direct attack from the Deity you offended. This attack brings growth allowing you to smash any shackles of False light that are on you, known or unknown.

I recently did this to my Spiritual Father, a Pastor of a Major Church here in Killeen and Bound his Soul to me for my Ascent.

This act has changed me internally ad has produced total coldness and emptiness, but a good kind.

It has also solicited intense attack from Jehovah and his spirits :joy:. But this is how I know limits have been broken and I am growing.

What was the motivation? None. I simply did it out of Choice and requirement using hate as the fuel.

No personal Vendetta other than Ascent. And that is the key to this. I respected that man greatly and practically worshipped the ground he walked on when I was a Christian.

BUT no matter how much I respect or adore or love you, I will not let my feelings get in the way of what needs to be done. Period.

I can have all the respect in the world for you but if your Soul needs to be smited for my Ascent then baby get ready and I hope you enjoyed life :joy::joy::joy:

Point In Case:
The three things that bring the most Growth and power are Betraying the Divine, Killing a servant of the Divine, and taking the power the Divine gives you and using it for your own ends.

Peace Out,
The Grand Demon of Ascent :ok_hand:


This is nothing more than the parasitic path and Ghetto Mentallity Thinking that keeps the Small Man small.

The true power is the cultivation of ones own power in others, otherwise it wouldnt be able to last long and stand on its own, as well as live long enough to evolve. You can take examples from Nation Building. It requires more than simply taking from others, but rather working in larger groups towards a common purpose, because one grows when one has families/groups who share same values and are balanced between self-power vs. Hunting Powers.


I have to second what @Meowlix says and also add that true power and growth in spiritual and magical terms also stem from careful cultivation of skill, technique and knowledge. None of the superstitious mumbo jumbo or ideological religious styled doctrines, that brings as much power as the very religion one claims to oppose.
In addition the divine is not something you can betray or harm without betraying or harming yourself. The divine is the universe, the source, consciousness and authority that comes from unity with it. It is not bound to anyone thing or mind but resides in all reality.

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