Traversing the Qlipoth

Hi all,

Yes, I’m going to get cracking fairly soon here. But, I have a question. I have studied the Kabalah a bit, not necessarily memorized it, but you get the point. I was reading Qlipothic Magic and it’s fairly interesting. However I have a question … is it as dangerous as traversing the Tree O Life? I mean, I imagine either could be dangerous in their own regards, just wonder how beginners fair traversing down and up the tree (my idea was going down the tree, then going back up, resting, then climbing up the tree and back down to the ground). Is that how it works?


James Del Fuego

The Qlipoth is only dangerous if you are disrespectful to the gods and powers you are working with. Start off by invoking Naamah: Consecrate two black candles for her, draw her sigil on a Virgin piece of paper and charge it in the smoke of incense sacrificed to her. Chant her name and magical formula as a mantra for ten minutes and then recite her invocation slowly. Pray to her for guidance climbing the tree of death. Naamah Nahemoth Nahema, Liftoach Shaari-ha Sitra Ahra!

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