Travel abroad and Career

Hi All,
I have an opportunity to travel to the US for a project. Since the company is cost-cutting, the travel plan may get rejected, although the project is extremely crucial. I somehow want this to work out, i will never get an opportunity like this.
Can you guys suggest something please.

Also, I want my career to boost. I had earlier posted too that inspite of delivering successful projects and being so hard working, I have been taken for granted in my organization and have not received promotions and recognitions.
Can you guys pls throw in some ideas.
Hard work and determination is something that I will take care of, you guys help me with some magick.

Thank you all

Hello Rish.

You should try the book “Wealth Magick” by Damon Brand. I’ve experimented with that book and I’ve had amazing results, even though this book can shift your life 180° towards a life directed to extreme prosperity.

If you are not interested in such a big shift, you may want to get the book “Magickal Riches” from Damon Brand, which has small but effective rituals to attract money.

Finally, you should look into the book “The Magick of Influence” by Hargrove if you want to change other people’s actions or behavior for you to get ahead in your company.

As always, personal work and action is required for having any magickal success



Thank you C.S.

I will definitely look into these books.

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Love these recos! Thanks for sharing!



Update: With great great difficulty, I have managed to reach a level where I just need 2 levels of approval for this US business trip to materialise.

I have been ‘asking/praying’ to Belial and King Paimon to remove all my roadblocks. Didnt get time to purchase/ read GoM books in 2 days but I did read the sample from Kindle.

Now guys…pls pls pls send me your vibes and energies to make this happen.

Its been a difficult year for me, have been battling many things, this one opportunity will definitely lift me up.

Need your support,my BALG family!

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Our company is doing the same thing across the board. I feel ya, good sir.

I’m going to be honest with you, the best way to move up in corporate is to move around. I’ve worked with quite a lot of people, based in the US and in other countries, and while it may seem difficult in some locations, it’s always worth keeping your ear to the ground and keeping a pulse on open positions at other companies. If you’re absolutely set on staying at the current company that you’re at, you should reach out to your manager and find out what it will take to get you a promotion–but I’ve found that most organizations (despite saying they promote from within) really get too comfortable and take employees for granted.

I took a look at your profile and noticed that you’re in India. I’ll throw out there that there are definitely some growth opportunities with the large consulting agencies that are continuing to expand their operations there, especially if you’re around areas like Bangalore–Accenture and IBM recently did a major hiring initiative there, and there are a few pharma and tech companies as well.

In regards to your actual question about entities, you could reach out to:

  • Mammon (wealth)
  • Kamael (improves the ability to seek and find)
  • Lukorst
  • Parion
  • Bune
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Your not kidding, I was working with it around early 2019 and WAS NOT READY

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This asshole -the first level approver rejected it right away. Just because I do not feature in his list of favourites. All justifications even though they were strong were futile.
He just doesnt want my travel cost to hit his department. Hate him!
No value and respect for all the hard work that I put in.

What should I do now. Any inputs from you guys?
I just dont want to give up.