Trapping Spirits into Objects

Funtime Traps

What should I say, my bedroom is a very haunted place, and I want to boost this “feeling” with a cute ass plush, with a trapped Spirit with inside. :black_heart: (am I evil now? - don’t think so)

My question is: is there anyone who has trapped spirits inside concrete objects?

I’m about to find a way to do it and I’ll share it if I find that, but if there is a way to it what worked before to anyone, I would try it first.

This would be that unlucky spirit’s new, silky body:


:fountain_pen::skull_and_crossbones: ::movie_camera:


The word ‘trap’…

I have called a Spirit into a mirror, to remain there. And we agreed on some words of power to awaken him each time I need his assistance. So no one else can do anything with the mirror, except they know the words to wake him up. And his face will appear in the mirror. I’ve done so with a crystal ball too. Even on a white cloth, with the size of an handkerchief.
Spirits have performed this tasks with are those whose office is to talk about the future, past and present. So-so thing that is about to happen in an hours time, tell me, who will lose and who will win or how will it go?! I wish to know all about Mr X. Etc

I have a brother who make used of a bottle, with three angle.

Is that how you mean ‘trap’, or you really mean setting a trap for a Spirit?

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Love the doll you used makes my evil side grin

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@luxfero Thanks for your comment! I wonder how could it work in a plush’s case, but looks like it won’t be a big deal or too different like in with the mirror (at least the main process). At some point, those are also object, but mirrors often used in magick or communicating with spirits, while plushes are not really.

I can talk spirits via telepathy, but if I would “trap” a spirit in my plush, we could use it just like you the mirror, if we want to talk, right?

Is that how you mean ‘trap’, or you really mean setting a trap for a Spirit?

At first I wanted to capture and lock a spirit into my Demon doll, which is a far more violent way to reaching my main goal ("ghost in the shell " - you know). But I thought over it, and I don’t need enemies. Not because I do not enjoy destroying them, but because I’ve got great friendship with even powerful, malevolent spirits and entities, so I’ll hurt only those who are wants to bother me somehow.

@Voodooking I can relate with your feelings about this little smiling devil, haha. He is a real individuality, so this is why I wants to using him to my goals, and I hope I’ll found a spirit with similar, sarcastic, sadistic, mischief-maker personality like he has. In my opinion I could find before or after a spirit who would like this thing’s “innocent” grin.


Nice, Very Nice

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Do you know what kind of spirit you are trapping and its relative level of power and awareness? It is a lot harder to fully trap higher spirits than it is to trap lower ones and different types would have slightly different requirements to be most effective.

A haunted object?
I think you could make your stuffie into a servitor of sorts with some adaptations done. Or perhaps lock energy into a crystal placed inside your poppet.

Hiya OP! Trapping spirits in objects is a pretty common method of exercising magical control over them, though there’s an inverse method that IME produces stronger results- draw out the latent spirit within the object; animate it’s dormant energies and program them to make a kind of being that’s a lot stronger than servitors! It’s a process that invoked the creation mythology of mankind, seeing as how we’re just amalgamations of vibrating parts- partly because it taps into our unconscious memories of the species’ energetic creation, and partly because you’re not boxing something in or chaining it to a foreign object. You make a person by coaxing spirit out of material, and since the object is their physical form, they’re a lot tougher than you’d think! Their layers make them great workers. :slight_smile: