Trapped spirit

Why not? It could be vital to manipulate circumstances and people directly,
to wittness a glimpse of the own potential, before changing to just comanding some stuff.

@valkarath this thing tho is pretty damn destructive I’d rather have a caged attack dog then have one chase me down the street

Let me answer that with a story.

When I first started working with magick, I worked with the Archangels a bit. Didn’t have a fantastic relationship with them, but I respected them and wasn’t a dick.

Well, one day Michael showed up out of the blue. This was quite unusual. He had never done that before.

So I asked him why he came to me. He hold me that someone had ordered him to attack me, but he didn’t want to do it.

I thought about it for a moment and figured my Will was most likely stronger than the other person’s Will, so I asked Michael … “Do you want me to release you?” He said “Yes.”

So I released him and commanded him never to serve this magickian again.

He seemed relieved, nodded to me, and left.

I’m pretty sure I would not be so kind now.

My question is simple … why bind and try to control when you can simply ask them to teach you how do what they do? Hell, if you’re respectful, they will teach you everything you could possibly want to know and things beyond your imagination.


Ooooh :astonished:
~Iiiinteresting point of view :thinking:

But how did you bound him anyway?:flushed:

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You can bind something from acting against you and banish it from your world. You can even “unmake” it so it is removed from your world completely. Or simply destroy it.

My issue is with the “let’s bind it and torture it, it’ll be fun” mentality. If that’s where you’re at … well, enjoy your lessons. I’m sure they will come.


My original thoughts on binding was I would have to do so for it to listen to me. But as I have said I have learned another way I do not plan on hurting it anymore then I already have. I’m generally a respectful person and I apologize that It came out that way.

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~So… You are making yourself forgeting its existence, but also keep it from
returning and influencing you? :open_mouth: ..Thats pretty awesome.:frowning:

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I ment more of i bind you you help when called but otherwise you are free as long as you don’t hurt another being

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:sweat:Well… ~Its my example’s fault that it looked worse than it actually was.

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Stop. You’re both fine. It was simply something I picked up and felt.

I share everything I do here because I want people to evolve. And I don’t want any of you to suffer any more than you have to throughout the process.

I just want the people who read this to think about shit and understand they are not alone in the world and that spirits aren’t toys to play with.

I’m simply offering a different viewpoint than many people have. Take it for what it’s worth to you.


Bro you fucked me up rofl iv been sitting here like is this right?

My intention is simply I unbind those energies, scattering them into the universe, removing that energy pattern from my world completely.

So far, it’s worked perfectly in my world. And I’ve removed energy patterns from within other people’s worlds, too.

But I believe they could re-create those energy patterns in their world if they chose to.

After all, we’re constantly our own worlds through our perceptions, our intentions, and our actions every day.


So I have released it from its cage to serve me and it indeed is a parasite that has no conciseness except to feed until it is bloated

On a similar subject, this morning I was forced to eat a spirit. I don’t even know how this came about but I try believe Ahriman was the cause of it. This freaking thing has been attacking my loved one for a long time.

It’s like 4am when the sun of a bitch drags himself into the room to disturb us. Out of no where a freaking Anaconda of sorts comes out of my body, wraps itself around it and then devours it from head to bottom. Suddenly the huge snake comes back inside of me and I began to cleans it with black energy coming up and down through my chakras.

It felt like it was devouring the energy and absorbing it for future ritual work.

I don’t know!!! Your opinions will be very insightful.


Is that the type of power the black magic or Ahriman can create i still waiting for my copy to be delivered waiting waiting waiting.

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Wow that is actually pretty intense I was taught if I decided to eat it I had to just rip it apart and eat it’s insides


I want to say yes!!! But hey, you never know, I could be wrong.

All though I did make a pact with Azi Dahaka in the past and that’s when I had a similar thing happen as well.

So a yes does seams to be likely.

Perhaps it’s like the legend that when he would get attacked, the attacker was the one attacked instead.

I was the one that called him, but later on he was the one to approach me to do a pact with him. Maby I should evoke him more. I’m still trying to respect the current and not go to deep to soon since I’m aware that this current can be too strong and has really messed some people up.


I believe that’s what you call an “Affirmative Defense”, lol


For real bro!!! This shit ain’t no joke!!! It is incomprehensible the way this path works. Yet we haven’t even touched the surface.


I didn’t do it intentionally. It’s like it just happened. My subcouncious kicked in and then… It’s like a power or an influence took over. This is the third time it happens. Ever science Azi Dahaka!