Is there a demon or angel willing to lift you up and transport your physical body to another town or city ?

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TV documentaries like A Haunting, and such shows that talk about haunted houses, and people, are the only place I know of that ‘‘might’’ have Demons that levitated people.
And these reports might all be dis information.

So just find the names of the Demons on the TV shows that are supposed to have done this feat, and you can do the appropriate conjuring ritual and experiment with them.

I haven’t seen this on TV .
If you dont know the answer why ru replying to my post?

I doubt it ; time and space doesn’t exist in higher dimensions where angels reside

Highly unlikely. I don’t think we can do teleportation in the physical world. Not with current technology we have.

maybe if you invoke them to the real life

They are vibrating at a higher density , they usually don’t and is extremely hArd for them to drop down here , and even so, they are not going to have the energy to teleport you

not teleport me but to lift me

No dude , and if they did it wouldn’t be for good , no angel is going to waste their time on this shit, use ur fuckn ferrari and drive there


Still seems highly unlikely.Only heard of Bardon and Crowley (imo, its a legend) doing this expect Idk if anything comes up from east.


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