Transplanting Graveyard Dirt

Hello forum members. I am here to ask for some help. The Mormon church where I live in Hawaii is trying to dig up my ancestor’s graves and put houses on the grave site. They have transplanted some of the grave dirt over to the BYU-H here where people are getting reports of seeing others at night when no one’s there. I had always wanted to learn in the future through necromancy about the Kahuna magic. It had fascinated me for years. What could I possibly do to stop this shit?

Is no one protesting or petitioning against this? If not see if you can get one started. Magically speaking I would wager you’d get resistance trying to disrupt this from going on. If Inwere you I’d gather dirt from those who are still there so you can work with them in the future as well as ask them to assist in stopping this.

I wondered if any LDS-knowledgable might be able to add to the second of the two points (as I only know about it, a degree, but not directly); but it seems to me:
the first point is where they are anchored-

*the location-original <which seems will be used, so whether you might help them stay there, or not- other issues>,
*the new-location <which relates to the next point, so that could be a problem>,
*a third location? -ie creating a pathway-link to a place that isn’t accessed by local-Mormon-church… if those being in that ‘yard, could travel ot it, and could receive support-grounding in that new placement (which wouldnt’ be “open” to your space either- as else could travel that ‘trod’)

-discover the various qualities needed to make that place “alive” (meaning-inflection added)… not so much the Wanderings that come-near from that other-place (further), but those on the 2nd and 3rd level accessed-beyond/through them… (spiders/serpents and such that support the weave ala D.A.)

Anyway- the Second point, which I find riding-beneath your post: relates to the Mormon-necromantic practices (not working-with, but working-upon… manipulate and contort the spirits of deceased… as ex the “proxy-baptism” and thereby-dedication of those that have-obit’d… and other speaking-upon /praying… tasking… those (related to how those in a “Congregation” can be Volunteered, ie “as __ isn’t present at this meeting, I nominate them for the task of XYZ.” -so not directly those things, but what else might be done on the original-site, on the new-site, or could “they” be ‘siphoning’ from that transition, similar to the above?

Omnipresent, the penultimate-sentence in your OP may be key, or a related transition… the ‘kala-kupua’ may have/enable contacts to an Entity-MindFragment linked partly to a place and partly to a time (both a bit off from Now, but if you can xpand your Con that might portal, or at least start a thread that might ‘hint’ at a clue.)

You start rallying up the dead! Believe me, the dead can be insanely pissy when you start messing with them. You can begin with venerating your actual ancestors from an altar and explaining why the hell their graves have been disturbed. You can inform them of the names of leaders in the project, leave pictures of them where the dirt is being left and such.

LDS Temples are hotspots of spiritual activity. They have numerous patrons pushing thier energy and intent towards one goal, the empowering of the Leaders of thier church. Normally it would be hard to stop, however the dead have free reign there…

It’s part of their “affordable housing” plan. Basically, they’re building an extra 3,000 homes here in Laie by a 2 way street. We would be pushing a million population here. Everyone else in all communities are against it and they have also petitioned against it. A relative of mine had been saying a curse in hawaiian at a live city hall meeting. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do evocation as of yet, but ill do the best

You don’t need to do a formal evocation ritual, you could open a sigil or seal (EA has posted the technique and I am sure it is in the forums.) You can also light a candle for your relatives, have a glass of water and a glass with a shot of rum or other alcoholic drink. Speak from your heart and let your ancestors and the dead whose remains reside there know what is going on, your concerns and your anger on their behalf. Request that the dead do something to stop this.

In the hard (consensual so called everyday reality) speak with your community and go beyond. Yes “affordable housing” is of benefit but peoples remains and history should be preserved and honoured. Who are the movers and shakers behind this plan? Where are they from, their families? Use the Mormon Genealogical database against them. They will have ancestors, some may have been cremated, but you can be sure that there will be some deceased relatives who will have been buried.

You can speak to those as well, about the stupidity, possible greed and corruption of their living family. How their relatives show no respect to others and really will in the end do the same to them (deceased and buried relatives).

Also invest in the Evocation and/or Divination course(s), check out EA’s books.

The ‘become a living god’ free ebook contains enough information to help you, plus there are the ‘friends with benefits’ parts of the forum. If you want to start your own, that would also be interesting.

Trust the dead are everywhere