Transmuting Lead Into Gold: Alchemy Of Demonic Light

Making Monatomic Gold In The Physical: Alchemy of Demonic Light

Begin by sitting in a Meditative state and focus on your body.
Feel the salt content, and even the metals that are in your body.

Focus on Copper.
Feel it’s conductive properties, it’s ability to conduct electricity through you and to keep your heart beating.

Then focus on Lead.
Feel the weight of your body and realize you are about to perform a rite of Transfiguration that can and will increase your bodies Raw Power and Voltage.

Feel the water your body is made up Of.

Begin to intone the Mantra RAM to invoke fire into this Water. You are going to combine these Elements within your body to make ORMUS and transform your body in real time from Lead into Gold.

Continue to vibrate RAM until your body heats up. Do this for about 5 minutes total.

Use this Mantra to further invoke Lucifers Flames to Alchemically Burn any impurites out of you before bringing in “The Gold” so to speak:

Osh kalahom eshti-eshtu sama kala’om

Repeat this Mantra over and over again feeling the Heat build and precipitation/sweat form. This is the dross that will turn your body from Lead to gold.

Don’t wipe it off no matter how sweaty you get.

See Amaimons Golden light above you and feel it enter your flesh from within and hardening in the Water of the Body, moving on into the blood, bones, muscles, and nerves.

See this solidify into pure Gold and meditate on this.
Once it is solid, you have become Super-conductive and will feel an extremely potent increase of power and ability.

You will have Transmitted Lead into Gold/attained the Philosophers Stone.

This was given to me by Lucifer as I was half awake and half sleep about 44 minutes ago.

More next level shit is on the way. I’m taking this seriously as i do all my work.


This is some great stuff! Double class for you… :slight_smile::slight_smile:


what i needed today,thank you,i shall be reborn and transmuted


@Micah. I seriously love the topic of alchemy can’t say much about my skills I do make some tinctures but not yet tincture turned elixir plant based. I bought this last year but not been going through it as such since joining here


That is a very cool meditation. Thank you for sharing!

Do you think, with consistent practice of this technique, the Gold you are creating will refine itself more and more into a purer state? Or is there another technique for the refining of the Gold?


It will if you harness the power of Sunlight and meditate in it.

Emotions are very important here.

This ritual makes your body Super-conductive. So whatever emotions you experience will be amplified 100 fold.

Basic extreme anger is amplified to such a degree that it can strip your body and fry you out

Its like running 2000 Megawatts of Electricity through a 20 Watt bulb. It’ll blow you out


Ah the implications.

So, you would say, that is important to have some sort of awareness of your state of being before blindly trying to create the Gold? Else xD you’d fuck yourself royally. Like, this is not something to be done lightly by someone without some control and recognition of their emotional state?

Then again… Amplifying those energies and using them towards a goal/manifestation could be a potent use of the power before it fries you. Could help a lot with just about any type of spell work, and seems like it’d be good for ‘on the fly’ stuff as well. You’d just have to be careful what you channel, and be aware of just how much energy your body can handle. There are ways to train that as well. So I see this as a good way to just increase your power and potency as a magician.

Nothing insightful here just my ranting, rambling mind xD Thank you for sharing more information! It was helpful and really got me thinking.


Oh if you wanna do some teenage “I’m so fucking pissed lemme cause the wind to rush so hard it knocks over a item in the bathroom” type shit this is PERFECT for it

And because I do Death Magic like every fucking day and I have a never ending supply of rage, it is perfect for the Evil Eye and most Baneful work.

Just be aware of your state of mind and emotions before you do it


This made me LOL

Perfect xD


Asthma is settling so can breathe meditate. I am doing this tonight @Micah :wink:


Gnosis Confirmed by Yberion.

Those Alchemical teachings are correct.

The Philospher Stone internal state is given here freely by Micah / Lucifer.

The Gold Body / Light body achieved,
can further be solidified,
by wearing a physical Gem.

Unless you craft a personal Philospher Stone
(Sulfur, Life Essence, Mercury, being essential ingredients=),
Use a Ruby, Blood Stone, or Dragon Eye Stone for the beginning.

Try to wear it either on your finger,
or around your neck.

You don’t need to wear it constantly.
It does help, wearing it while performing further Alchemcial rites.

Why those Stones specifically??

Ruby, was taken as a natrual replacement for Philospher Stone,
by jewelers and has been used for Alchemical purpose through the ages.
Same with Dragon Eye Stone.

Blood Stone is much darker and can harm the wearer.
Blood Stone SHOULD NOT be worn constantly!!

Blood Stone, however helps purifying and cleansing the blood of your body,
and detoxifies.

Blood stone is usually utulized by Alchemists,
when taking in Potions that include toxic heavy metals,
in order to perform drastic physical change.

Those recipes are dangerous.
For the moment i woun’t go deeper into it.

Just know, that Mercury natrually is toxic to the human body,
and should not be consumed,
unless prepared (hence - wear blood stone after injecting Mercury,
to aid the Physical transmutation inside of the body.)

Generally it’s to be clearly advised: DO NOT INJECT / Consume any Mercury.
Nor Copper, or Led. Both of these, are a serious Danger to your Health.

-Note also: especially in reseurch, many mideaval Alchemists poisoned themselves,
during their reseurch,
with Heavy metals as described here.

Avoid, reproducing those recipies,
especially intake of any Potions containing these ingredients.

Try to confirm their safety,
before taking any.

Of course, in research that’s not always possible.
However, consultation of a regular Physicist (Doctor),
should go along with more dangerous Recipes.

Regardless, whether those are given from Become a living God,
or a Book,
or direct teaching in person.

Many Alchemists died through the side effects and poisoning.

One more note: i may have confused Dragon Eye Gemstone with Tiger Eye Gemstone.
Tiger Eye is the one that certainly works.
Sorry, i’m simply not exactly sure.

It think the exact version would have been:
Wear Tiger Eye Gemstone.
Consume Dragon Blood Powder.

Also - here’s an example,
what a buyable Philospher Stone Ring (propably Ruby based - the Selling Label says Dragon Eye),
would look like. (Just for Comparising, for those who want to buy one,
either as a substitude or addition to crafting one.)




My man @Yberion coming through with the gnosis yet again :smiling_imp::ok_hand:


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This is great. I performed it today for the first time after consecrating an amethyst necklace that I made yesterday, and I focused on conducting the purifying energy of the amethyst. Definitely adding this to my repertoire, scheduling it for the Sunday. Nice one @Micah


does vibrate mean chant inside the head or summ?


@13lueGemini it feels like the vibrations you feel when humming correctly. Its wispered sounds spoken with air from the depths of your stomach.
Uf it helps u tubers have demonstrated:
Magnetta88 : VK Jehannum : Michael W Ford: Secret of the gods
Have all demonstrated on their channels. When you notice something and it feels right to you.


:joy: That is such a perfect description; I love it!

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Just finished it’s a freaking awesome m editatio.
Also did @C.Kendall sol meditation with Merc before this.
Seriously felt as if I was going to burst out of my skin
T h e construct part of me didint realize my size.
Haas. Basically. I’m awesome and didn’t know it.

Many big hugs aand thankful little pecks for the work t o bring these out a n d to the Spirits who gave it.
I always do t the one Belial gave me first so… that’s 3 tonight.
Having a break before evocation though


The Philosopher’s Stone, Van Morrison

“Even my best friends, even my best friends,
They don’t know
That my job
Is turning Lead into Gold”