Translating the Simon Necronomicon's conjurations, invocations, etc

As a preface, I’m aware that in the Necronomicon the editor points out that some of the text may not be Sumerian at all, and may refer to other languages or even barbarous tongue.

In any case I’ve started doing research into the Simon Necronomicon and I’m starting to examine sumerian to english translation texts.

Although some reference works, such as Halloran’s Lexicon, are criticized for not including the original pictographs and cuneiform symbols in the text, I’m not sure that this would make much of a difference since the text in the Necronomicon is already transliterated into a kind of phonetic english version.

Has anyone worked on this, and do you have any reference works in particular that worked well for translating the text of the Necronomicon?

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