Transformation via Tiamat

About a week ago I invoked Tiamat for the first time and subsequently came down with a wicked, seriously wicked painful sore throat… which actually forced me to quit smoking cigarettes once and for all! (yay!)

i hadnt gotten sick at all for the previous 4 years… then this, out of the blue

I didnt specifically ask for any help, but… does this sound like the sort of transformative power of her current? or is this just coincidence?


Sounds like the effect of the work to me.

You’ve had sore throats before I guess?


awesome :heart:

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tons as a child, not so much as an adult, and not at all for the 4 years previous to this

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and never this painful
i burst out in tears and had a massive panic attack at the peak of the pain

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Almost every bit of magick could be dismissed as a coincidence, and yet the link between asking for a thing and getting it seems to get smaller and smaller for people doing magick. :thinking:


That’s interesting to me because, didn’t one of the other gods of her pantheon throw a thunderstorm or something like that into her mouth and throat in her myths? Maybe your sore throat was one of her ways of sharing with you.


I worked with Tiamat for the first time last night, and today I have a horrible stomach flu. Starting to think it’s not a coincidence

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She’s pushing you to be better.


So I suppose I should post the latest happenings in relation to my stuff with Tiamat

A couple weeks ago she came to me again and told me I needed to quit taking my prescription amphetamines (I took them for adhd) since they’ve been fucking with my thyroid and just wreaking havoc in general in my body. I had a guest coming over for a week though and didn’t want to be withdrawing while they were here, so I decided to postpone quitting until after they were gone… I felt pissy and perturbed all week anyway :sweat_smile:

So after my guest had left, I should’ve immediately quit the meds… but I didn’t, and my excuses were just awful lol. Sooo then I suddenly got sick again, sore ass throat, the works. Again, prior to this year, I hadn’t been sick at all for several consecutive years, so to come down with a virus twice within the span of some months…

After my throat started to torment me again, it didn’t take long to realize that Tiamat was giving me another “gentle nudge” lol. So I stopped taking the amphetamines cold turkey. I then asked her if I still needed to go through weeks of sickly agony since I’d already quit; she said to throw out the remaining amphetamines, and then she immediately ended the communication… So I did as she suggested then went to bed, a little upset with myself and the prospect of being sick for weeks again, but mostly accepting of my fate…

Next morning, however, my sore throat was completely gone! I was still a bit congested, but all the pain in my throat and the aching in my body had vanished! So I breathed a huge sigh of relief lol.

Since I’ve quit, the withdrawals have hardly even been a minor inconvenience, so yeah, she’s obviously looking out for me, and I am super grateful!

Love ya, Tiamat :heart::black_heart:


That’s awesome to hear! It’s amazing how much of an effect a discorporeal entity can have on the body and mind, innit? :smiley:

Also, if you’re ever looking for something to help stimulate the mind without the awful side effects & addictiveness of amphetamines, look into Modafinil. It’s a nootropic and appears to have only beneficial effects in all the clinical studies I’ve seen (and I can personally vouch for it).