Transferring Energy and Evocation of Raphael

Hey Guys, I’d like to tell you a little story about my aunt. Since the new year my aunt has heath problems. At Saturday evening I checked (by accident) on her and realized that something is wrong. I called the ambulance. In the ER the doctors said that she is barely alive – long story short. Even now, she is in a critical state. That’s why I plan to evoke Raphael to help her.

But today I was in the ICU and remembered E.A.s video about psychic vampirism. The video he has in the payed course. So I put my right hand on her and said the magic spell. And visualized how energy was flowing out of my body into her. And when I finished, I looked onto the monitor and the values was better. Especially the SpO2 value jumped to 100%. The whole day the value was about 90-95%. One more moment, I realized that magic works.

On the other “hand”, currently I feel like… hangover… every muscle in my body is aching a little bit.


That might be because she unintentionally took your energy.

But it sounds like it worked. Hope everything turns out well!

Unintentionally? The Spell was about giving her my energy. I may quote:

By the power of the stars, I give my Energy and Power to …
May she take my Power within, may she take my Energy into her being to be healed, energised and to be well!

So it is done.

Try this


I know this. The problem is, that my aunt has to do it on her own. She can’t do it. She is laying the whole time in bet more or less asleep. That’s why I want to work with Raphael.

You can cast that AROUND her.

Stop being so silly.


I’m going to do it… Right now at home and tomorrow in the ICU.

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