Transferring a spirit into a Doll

How dose one get a Spirit in a doll ?

What are the herbs exactly ?
My supple is limited abit so I need to know . Is it okay if I just wash it with water and salt ? , I guess yes than , well I’m using that and inscent smoke for mines .

It would probably be enough to put a crystal in it.

All you’re really doing with the herbs and whatnot is providing a better spiritual “resonance”, or energetic match to the spirit you’re wanting to inhabit the vessel, imo.

If you have a particular spirit in mind, I’d look at their correspondences and go off of that.

You can even start simpler, and add to it over to e ritualistically as you strengthen the bond and connection to it’s “house”, or “anchor”.

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Luckily I do have a Chrystal

Good responses so far. I wanted to add a few thoughts. I’ve anchored things into…stuff other than dolls, but the premise is the same.

There are two general approaches that come to mind and I’m keeping the skillset I remember in mind. The first is similar to a “fairy house” or passive idol. It’s where one invites that entity into the object and treats it as an embodiment of their power in some meaningful way, which is a form of charging, really. In this mechanism, you’re charging it over time and, if the spirit agrees with the object, also does their part to make it “their” home or similar. Not their only, obviously, but close enough. This takes time and that time depends on the energy that BOTH parties put into it. If it’s one-sided, meaning only the magician here, then that will take longer and can be rejected.

BUT SOMETHING will take residence if they don’t, because of the belief of the magician, their Will that something will take residence, which may end up being an egregore of sorts. The easiest way to get around this is to get the buy-in from the spirit before the dedication. If you can’t discern the difference, then I would keep this to a God/dess or similar that is looking out for you.

Be advised, that if this is a parasite, you’re inviting it within the safety of any defenses you have.

Next method is active. Very similar to the above and can be done after the above, so if you’re currying favor with an entity, you can present offerings for a while and then go active. Now, I normally KNOW if an entity wants something from me like an idol or representation of some sort. Hopefully, it’s the same.

Anyway, I prefer to evoke the entity to SOME extent and have a conversation about it. If they agree, I then evoke them into the item. This can be as simple as drawing a triangle where the object sits in the middle, open the triangle to their energies (if you don’t understand this, maybe it’s not time), and evoke them into the object. Once inside, ask them to make it their residence and place of power in your ritual space.

I’ve given you the steps, but it’s up to you to determine whether to use them. I would encourage the passive, to make sure you want that type of energy in your space. While you can shield/ward it, I don’t feel like that is the case, so caution may be prudent.

To be honest, with a question like this, I would keep it passive to make sure I wasn’t in over my head.