Transfer of bad juju....?

So I wasn’t sure how to title this and I wasn’t sure what section to put it in so I put it here in the general discussion:

Last night I had a really terrible dream that I lost my dog in a horrible accident (drowning of some kind). I could go into the details but ultimately I don’t think that it’s that important (and mainly I don’t want anyone at work noticing that I’ve been crying). So I woke up this morning a bit earlier than usual, showered and got ready to go to work. My spouse asked me if why I had woken up earlier than normal and I told her that I had a nightmare about losing one of our two dogs to a horrible drowning accident. She wanted me to go into the details of what it entailed, (and eventhough I didn’t really want to) I shared what the dream was about. At the moment I began sharing, I of course didn’t feel very well and started to tear up, and she attempted to console me and give me a hug. Didn’t really feel like having a hug but whatever, she gave me a hug and I went about my business of getting ready for work.
Once I arrived at work, I decided to do a tarot reading regarding this nightmare to see if this nightmare had some significance or if I was supposed to take anything away from it. After doing 3 separate spreads (2 modified celtic cross, 1 inverted cross) all 3 spreads were consistent with issues regard finances, clearing away debt, and business. Oddly enough, my spouse and I are attempting to take care of some old and outstanding debt right now because we would like to purchase a new home, along with starting a business venture in the follow year or so.
So after I did the tarot spreads to attempt to gain some insight, I got a phone call about an hour or so afterwards from my spouse saying that when she woke up a few moments ago, she immediately felt sick to her stomach and had to make a B-line to the bathroom, and for most of the morning she felt sick and nauseated. My question is this: Was it possible or is it possible that there was some type of transfer of those emotions that I had about my nightmare that I may have passed to my spouse while relating my nightmare that may have resulted in her feeling ill for the day, and if so, is there some way I can prevent or shield her from that (aside from not telling her my feelings and emotions regarding a painful situation/experience) ? Thank you all for your insight into this matter.



Honestly, I think she likely got a virus on a day you happened to have a bad dream and it shook you up. I say his because this person is your spouse, if your emotions were so able to effect her in this fashion you likely would have noticed a pattern of it: If you guys argue she gets sick, your upset and talk about it she gets sick etc.

I’m not saying its not possible just that it likely would take more intense and deliberate methods to send enough negative energy to someone to make them sick. This is your spouse so the chances of you intentionally sending bad juju is also much less let alone unintentional.

If you would like to shield your spouse you could try making a talisman/amulet to ward off negative vibes or buying her a charm and charge it with positive energy.

Ya, that day she just got really sick, but then after that she was fine. I do like the idea though about if we argue, she gets sick…to be honest I hadn’t really noticed that type of pattern but from now on I’ll pay more attention to see if I see a pattern in it.