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So I’ve been focusing more on meditation/trance states because I see now how important they are for magick. In some ways I feel I’ve wasted so many years because I did not take it seriously. But anyhow, I think I have had success with it but didn’t really realize it all this time. I’ve been experimenting with the Qliphothic breathing technique and last night I started seeing images of these reptilian beings. Now, I was not even thinking about that or trying to project that image in my mind, so I thought that was significant. Then I saw these landscapes I’ve never seen before. All this was happening while I was awake, but in this what I call dream-like state. I guess I’m looking for some sort of validation to allow me to know I’m getting into the right mind set. Am I getting to where I need to be for doing invocation/evocation that sort of thing? I think that’s why I’ve had no success in the past. How does one KNOW they are in the proper state for those experiences to unfold?

it seems like you are there. What you should try doing now is calling upon an entity from a grimoire and command it to do something for you…something that you may want/need. If you end up getting the results you want, then that is pretty much confirmation that you were successful. Oftentimes when people are in this state, they will see something that looks like static from those old tv sets. The dream-like state you are experiencing though is called around here, the Theta-Gamma Sync (TGS)…a term coined by EA himself. It happens when your brainwaves drop to areound 4 - 7 Hz. This is known scientifically as the Theta/ Hypnagogic state…the point between wakefulness and sleep where your body is preparing to go into sleep paralysis…sometimes accompanied with hynagogic jerks (you know, the times when you’ve been sitting down and you’re kinda drowsy, and your body sudden jerks you up). It’s the first stage of NREM sleep, lasting about 10 minutes. If you are able to hold the state for long enough, you will trigger gamma waves, which are brainwaves that go from 30 - 200 Hz…and its these sudden bursts of brainwave activity that allows one to have the visions that they see while in trance. So the way you know if you are in it is 1) visual phenomenon like the static rain, 2) hynagogic jerks 3) feeling so tired that you are unwilling (not unable) to really respond to things that may be going on around you 4) You start getting the results that you asked for while in this state


Thank you so much! Great explanation and graphic! I will start experiments and see what happens!

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@magickseeker could you tell me what page(s) the Qliphothic breathing technique is on? I’m not interested in the Qliphothic tree yet I just want it for when i do trance work. Thank you.

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