Trance states or astral senses?

Hello peops,
So recently I’ve been told different things. Some say that in evocation u can see and hear when your astral senses are developed enough to allow you to see and hear. Some say that it’s all about the trance state or the theta gamma sync, only then can you really have proper communication with a spirits, it’s not about the astral senses.

So here I’m wondering what I should think. What do you guys think about this? Astral senses or theta gamma sync?


It is development of the senses.

People go into trance every day all around the world and do not hear or see spirits. Trance is used in a variety of different paradigms like hypnosis, Theta healing, and meditation, which all have nothing to do with spirits so it is NOT just the trance.

Trance is simply the mind state that allows the developed senses to perceive more, as their input is no longer drowned out by the regular bodily senses and the external world (Theta is mind awake, body asleep).

In EA’s evocation course, he starts with exercises for getting into Theta, but follows them with exercises for the senses for a reason.


Ahh, so a person with developed senses can still hear without getting into theta gamma sync?


Theta Gamma Sync is the state we enter for spirit communication, as I’m sure @DarkestKnight Would agree from working the Evocation course.

An individual can hear, see and sense spirits by entering these trances and simply letting go.
Without all the chakra work which we’ve all been told is mandatory.

It isn’t mandatory, does it help of course it goes.
Is it completely nessercary no of course not, trance states are away to make us more receptive.

Opening up the imagination labyrinth of the psyche which translates the message of the spirit through the internal dialogue of our magickal imagination.


I actually have a hard time willingly entering into a trance as I guess I have ritual anxiety. As such I get much of my information in meditation or through dreams. I’m much better with visuals as conversation tends to excite me right out of a trance. I also have a much easier time hearing a spirit the more I work with them.

Some things to keep in mind. Not all of them will talk to you, or speak at every interaction. They may use smells, emotion, touch, visions, or synchronicity to communicate. Lucifer for instance isn’t a big talker for me. I get flickering lights, synchronicity, songs, emotions, and minor poltergeist stuff. He really enjoys parmesan cheese baked crisp and has knocked them off my table as a “Heyyyy, you want to share right?” The first time I summoned him, I had a bag of onions roll across my floor after escaping the bag they were in.


Honestly, its a bit of both. You won’t get anything if you arent in a calm state and are riled up.

On the other hand if you’re open mentally and psychically, then you can perceive quite a bit.

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Seeing and hearing within the mind’s eye does take practice but you can easily attain it through sheer focus of around 30 minutes or so. Sheer focus is quite easy but also hard; not just to the beginner but also the advanced, because when you meditate, byproducts of your day and activities will flare up, particularly nasty thoughts may come, bizarre, or distractive — this is apart of the process.

This “sheer” focus I’m talking about requires your entire focus almost as if it is in an intrinsic rhythm with your breath. If you feel distracted, envision a flowing river and that thought being a log in the river; it’s obstructive, remove it and the river will flow!

On the other hand, you may be able to get a physical and ‘outer’ audible manifestation of the daemon, but this doesn’t happen so often and it will probably scare some people. I know it would likely scare me.


Thank you all for giving me a lil bit of insight

Words aren’t also the only medium of communication. Synchronicity is one way.