Trance state

I’ve tried to evoke a couple of times by staying at the sigil and reading the end but didn’t have any success. I read that reaching the trance like state is the most important part in evoking entities.
I have a hard time communicating with them I was told that you either get certain feelings or hear them speak to you telepathically.
What’s the best way to communicate with then if you can’t hear them?
Also what is the easiest way to enter the trance like state used to evoke?


The best way to enter a trance-like state is experience. Lots of meditative practice. I learned a little exercise that I still repeat each morning. I have greatly improved when going into a trance state since I began this daily practice. I can do so at will anytime and easily pull myself out of it now.

Basically you start with simple meditation for a while before you get into this, but once you do…

Imagine yourself climbing down a ladder. Do not visualize it. Instead, feel it. Feel your limbs moving downward.

With every inhaled breath, you bend your knees. With every exhaled breath you take a step down. Climb the ladder until you feel completely relaxed. Then bend your knees and hold your breath for only a few seconds. Then jump into the darkness.

It takes a few tries, but it really does work.

I hope this helps you. Feel free to send me a message if you need anything.


Concentrate on your throat where Vishuddha, the clairaudience chakra, is. Repeat the chakra’s mantra: Ham, also vibrate it, imagine the chakra itself as a cyan lotus or wheel.
Decide some questions for an entity, evoke with the sigil and write the answers, being “concerned” only with receiving. This is already an hearing, and it will improve with practice.

I did a tutorial for reaching trance. Just type “trancework” into the search function.