Trance state progress

I didn’t see static rain just yet, but after I broke off the trance and refocus my eyes it felt like something twas squeezing my nose life after you wear glasses, has anyone experienced this. And also what does static rain look like to you guys and what spirits voices do y’all hear. And how many minutes should I try to put myself in a trance I don’t wanna accidentally blind myself, unfocusing your visions doesn’t blind yourself does it please let me know ASAP.


I’m still working on this myself. Some times, when I do the stair method, I will feel myself kinda drop a little and my senses seem to become slightly enhanced. When I attempted an evocation, I noticed the air become a little wavy. I’ve also randomly had it happen when i open up my eyes after meditating where my 3rd eye feels tingly and the world looks a little different (indescribably so, just know that things aren’t as they normally are) but I haven’t maintained it for more than a few minutes that I perceptively know.
In meditation, I’ve thought I heard talking, but just out of range to make out. I have also heard an owl a few times, but could be coincidence since we do have an owl living near us. Then again it seems to always happen at just the right moment when I ask a question inside my head.
The last is I’ve had myself feel a sudden drop when I’m laying down to sleep. When this happens the world seems to close in like the sound of being deep underground and a loud hum will start. This might be me failing at projection more then trance though. Others might be more helpful on this, but I hope this helps a little.
P.S. thinking more on static you mentioned. I haven’t really seen so much static as the things start to blur as I focus. Usually a precursor to me closing my eyes in my meditation work

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  1. I wear glasses, so not sure. Occasionally my eyes will get agitated when opening a sigil, and the difference between what you experience optically between opening a sigil or going into trance is small.
  2. Static rain … I experienced once, by using the ceiling corner apex routine, it was similar to how you see gas vapor rise from a road in summertime, or how you see rain from outside a window that is the mist like rain.
  3. Usual recommended time for a beginner for most exercises are 5-15 min.

Keep in mind various ways to put yourself into trance:

  1. Seroquel/Marijuana
  2. Trance music/techno/electronic
  3. Recorded chants/mantras/enns
  4. Shamanic drumming
  5. Sleep deprivation

Its really not much different than an altered state in waking hour.