Trance Is Much More Than Just Meditation!

Getting Into Trance Is A Very Deliberate Art!… Mistaking Meditation For Trance Is A Common Misjudgement!… Learn To Start Inducing Trance Like A Pro!!!

Do you have problems inducing a trance? Do you sit in your meditative state waiting for the trance to happen? Are you struggling to find good information on how to successfully enter a trance state? One of the most common problems my clients have when they come for advice in a consultation is being able to induce trance for their ritual work. Having done a lot of study in my early years of practicing it isn’t uncommon to find this issue. One of the main reasons this problem exists is because of the misinformation and lack of decent information out there. While good information does exist out there many are looking for it in the wrong place also. So, let’s break it all down and start with what a trance actually is.

A trance is a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis. The first key to understanding the mechanics of a good trance is in that one key word; Hypnosis. Many in the occult look at shamanic resources and ritualistic outlines forgetting how useful hypnotism can be. While many magicians have invested time into self-hypnosis there are a large majority who stay clear of it. A trace state regardless of how view it, is in fact hypnosis. By definition hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Now the key word in this is voluntary action. Let’s change that up a little and call that conscious action. In a hypnotic state what is happening is the conscious mind is overloaded with so much information that it breaks down and opens up the subconscious mind, allowing it to take a more dominant role.

Now without going too much into hypnosis let me give you so key information to help you understand this next part. As a rough estimate your conscious mind makes up around 12% of your brains function and 88% is subconscious. Your conscious mind can only take in so much information before it overloads and opens up to the subconscious. When the conscious mind is overloaded with that much information (different people can take different volumes of information at one time) the mind enters into a hypnotic trance. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a hypnotic trance makes you completely out of it; this is in fact false. If you have ever driven your car to work and can’t remember the journey there, or got ready in the morning without thinking, that is hypnotic trance. We simply refer to it as being on autopilot. The subconscious follows out a routine without any real conscious thought. This is a trance state. But what does this have to do with trace for magickal work? Well let’s get into that, as this understanding will open the door to a better ritual trance.

Sitting In The Circle Waiting For The Trance To Happen Will Likely Fail!… You Have To Actively Induce The Trance Through Manipulating Your Own Mind!!!

The key to trance is one simple understanding. You need to overload your conscious mind with as much information as possible. This has to be done deliberately. Now all the components in your ritual will start to make a lot more sense. What constitutes as information to your conscious mind? Simply all of your five senses. The gateway to trance is your ability to utilize all of those five senses in order to force your own mind into that trance.

This is where the fun part begins. The five senses are what you need to capture. Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste & Touch. Some of these are harder than others but not impossible. First you need visuals. Candles, the setting of the room, potentially a video relative to the spell or evocation, flashing images are all great examples. Additionally, don’t just choose one thing for each sense but several. For sound, play 3 different tracks; one musical track, 2 ambient tracks like nature sounds. Smell, light different incenses, Taste, potentially chew or drink something throughout the ritual to bring attention to taste. Touch is one of the simpler ones. Have something tactile in your hands to fidget with. Now the important element here is to have all of these senses being stimulated at the same time, constantly switching between the focus smell the incense, then drink some of the wine, touch a different object etc. While all of this is going on you are rocking back and forth creating body movement while actively thinking of relative thoughts. All of these things will overpower your mind and induce that much needed trance.

Trance is a lot more than just a meditative state, it is an art that requires a firm understanding of your own mind and its limits. Most people are in and out of trance on a regular basis but the difference here is that you are doing it intentionally. The mind is our most powerful tool, but it also has its softer spots which is why we are able to break it down. Open your mind to more than just a meditation… and see how far your results benefit.

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Thank you for this amazing advice! I’ve been working with both hypnosis and shamanic stuff. My mind is pretty poor right now and constantly under stress, but I think this is going to help a lot, even to open my astral senses.


Right? We all must slow down because life’s too fast I haven’t been in trance yet because I think a demon may be causing me to become very ill well I’d love some advice I gonna force myself into theta or alpha then what do you think I should do about this demonic intruder, should I mentally scream louder then a siren it destroys his astral body or spiritual body, or should I do something worse, please lend me advice I don’t know if a demon is making me sick or not but I need it gone,