Traditional Balkan Binding Spells

These are traditional balkan rituals that have to do with binding. They can be modified to the users desire so they’re not limited to love only. Two rituals are listed below and as well as an unbinding ritual. A few people have asked for them and it’s easier to share than to not.


The ritual begins on May 5 at midnight. It is necessary to take nine coffee beans three separate times, put them into a copper dish, and then fill the dish with hot water. After a time, the beans must be removed from the water and placed on three small pieces of red fabric, nine beans on each. Next, it is necessary to salt the grains on the following way: with three fingers, a person pinches some salt and puts a bit on each pile, just one time.
Then the pieces are wrapped into bags. During that action, following incantation must be recited for each bundle, either inside your mind or in a murmur:
“I’m not binding these beans,
I’m binding (The person for whom the ritual is intended)”.
The bundles must be tied under the belt with red yarn, with the following incantation recited thrice, once for each bundle:
“I’m not binding up these beans for me,
I’m binding (The person for whom the ritual is intended) so that his love for me grows
just like this bean grows around my waist”.
After this, the person performing the spell approaches the hearth or some other type of fire, untying the bundles one by one and throwing them in. Before throwing them in, the person blows on it, and then recites:
“Just as these beans crack,
the heart of (The person for whom the spell is intended) beats for me.”
This must be repeated three times and after that, the ritual is over.


This is how it works. You must sit opposite to the picture of the person and then you must soak the yarn in sperm or menstrual blood. After that you must stare at the picture, never taking your eyes from it during the ritual. After holding the yarn in your hand for awhile, the picture “comes to life”, and you tie the nine knots. You only need to recite the incantation once, and to be careful to end it exactly when you tie the ninth knot. The incantation should look like this:
“I am not binding this yarn,
I am binding (The subject of the spell).
I’m binding his head, his hands,
I’m binding his legs;
I’m binding his veins, his heart, his stomach, binding his power and his essence.
I bind all of him,
I bind him to belong to me and to me only; to love only me, and to listen to me only.”
You must keep this yarn, because as long as the knots are tied, the person is bound as well.


To remove such a spell, a Witch must perform the ritual of unbinding in a sacred place, in the presence of higher forces and with their help to perform the ritual. She does that following way; after midnight the Witch takes the person to the holy place. She then removed her clothes, and silently invoked the Goddess. The Forest Mother specifically, because she is known to be competent in love magic. She would then symbolically “bind” the person, then recite an incantation similar to the one for binding, but with the exact opposite meaning. The incantation should look something like this:
“I’m not unbinding yarn,
I’m unbinding (The subject of the spell); unbinding his head,
unbinding his hands,
unbinding his legs…
to give him back his power,
to give him back his strength…
I’m unbinding him now.”
The end of the final incantation should happen at the same time that the last of the yarn is removed from the symbolically “Bound” person. If the person feels better, the problem is solved, but if there were no progress, the piece of knotted yarn must be found, untied, and then burned


I’ve never tried any of these because I got out of the traditional witchcraft phase a while ago. Let me know if you use them and if they worked for you.

…or don’t. No worries either way.

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What country are you from and what kind of magick do you use?I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I use western magick but really I can use whatever comes to me when I need it,even things like wicca and mysticism

what do I do with the yarn after?

I’d recommend putting it in a jar along with the photo and keeping it somewhere safe.



Will the menstrual blood work just as good as the sperm? What kind of belt and do I wear the belt?