Tradition that casts spells that work?

Suppose you just wanted to cast some spells that would work. You did not want to study Kabbalah and you were not interested in an initiation into the Golden Dawn. At least not at this time. What would you study? What tradition would you follow? Would that be conjure/root work or witchcraft. What form of magick is more practical, at least for the beginner. Is this Folk magick, would somebody like Scott Cunningham be the place to start? (not that I am implying Mr. Cunningham is simple in any way, I have no doubt he is far smarter than I am, I am just wondering what the simplest place to start is)

Ok try tis ebook pierre macedo. Practical. Fast rituals spells from 0 to 100, very good. About scott cunighmans. No sure if hes very good for wat you looking for. Koeting has good ebooks too and cheap. Tru everyone has his own path you will see who are most paths. Versatle. Good luck in u new journey.

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Candle magick. It requires nothing but a candle and intention, and can be dressed up to be as complicated as you want.

It is found in almost every magical tradition known but does not require initiation into any particular system.

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Does putting a sigil in to the subconcious have any effect on the Astral Plane.

Because maybe I could combine some candle magick with a sigil?
That could be good.
(even if it didn’t, I could sigil my subconscious into believing it would work and increase my form/force visualizations.

Anyway, will a sigil put into the subconscious have an effect in the astral?
Thanks Zorrito
I bought the book for sale on Kindle for 3.99. It was just so inexpensive I could not pass it up.