Tracking Magick

is it possible to track down the source of the magick ? things like who sent it? their intentions, etc?

Yes, of course it is.

It is common for magicians to track curses thrown at them so they know who to retaliate against.

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Post those pictures you showed me from the egg test. Maybe some can help you.


This is the result from the egg test to see if m cursed.

Is there a someone who can help me find out who did it and why ?


what are first steps to it?

Get quiet, extend your awareness into your environment, and try to sense the direction the negative energy is coming from.


Can you feel energy at all? If you can and can point to an occurrence that you feel was caused by the curse, then you could trace it that way.

Or you could just say screw it and petition a Deity to both intervene on your behalf and maybe the same to put it back on the sender.