Tracing Ancestry

So I’m trying to delve into my ancestor work by tracing back specific cultures and ancestors. Issue is, my family really cannot give me a straightforward answer. Some services are a bit pricey. Any suggestions, forewarnings, etc?


There is a God named ChitraGupta, Holder of accounts and info. Can contact him.
I know my ancestry up to 2500 years, don’t know before that.


Set a timer on sessions when you use online resources, and don’t work consecutive days, or it will eat up so much time you won’t even believe it, and you might burn out.

Robert Bruce gives a method to scry ancestors in your energy field in - I think he starts on that topic after about 10m into the video, but don’t have time to re-watch and get the time stamp.


Oh wow, that’s awesome. I’ll definitely work with him.

I’ll try that. Thank you Eva.

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